When Science Goes Too Far, According to Video Games

video games

Thanks to science we have many gadgets that make our lives easier. PCs and gaming consoles are some of them which is how the video gaming industry was born. But sometimes science can go too far and produce atrocities or tamper with something that shouldn’t be tampered with. This is shown in several video games and here are some of them:

Fallout New Vegas

Science has already gone too far when it comes to the development of nukes. New Vegas shows players what happens after a country has been hit with one. You’ll get to survive in the arid badlands and make allies or enemies of various factions as you’re moving from objective to objective.

The game is also set in New Vegas, a post-apocalyptic Vegas where you’ll get 5 new casinos to enjoy and earn in-game gear and prizes. The Vegas of today is far from destruction and the casino industry is pretty much online. Websites like uudetkasinot.com cover various online casinos and their offers for casino players. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Despite being ruined, it’s good to know that people find a way to survive nuclear fallout.

Resident Evil 2

Viruses are tricky things and science has cured only some of them. The thing about viruses is that they mutate and they spread to various host organisms. And some viruses can be artificially created as bioweapons. This is the story behind the Resident Evil franchise. The Umbrella Corporation is responsible for a virus that turns people into zombies. After the incident at the Spencer Mansion, the story is taken to Raccoon City. The town has been infected and you’ll find that out pretty soon as you step into the shoes of Leon or Claire.

The police station of the town is the only safe place and you’ll get there only to find out that zombies lurk around every corner. The station comes with a secret passage that leads to an underground lab in which the virus was developed. You’ll find out who helped the corporation keep the virus a secret and deal with a mutated specimen of the virus. Resident Evil 2 may be a horror game, but it shows you the dark side of science and what it can do to harm people.

Dead Space

Space exploration is something we’ve taken seriously and we have set some benchmarks in that area of science. Asteroid mining is the future and this is one of the aspects that Dead Space deals with. A mining ship called the Ishimura has gone silent and a skeleton crew, including Isaac Clarke – the protagonist, has been sent to investigate.

Soon you’ll find out that the ship is overrun by aliens and you’ll need to hack away to survive. They are controlled by a mysterious artifact that you’ll need to get and bring to your home planet. Asteroid mining can lead to meeting new species but tampering with their culture is where science can go too far.