Vecna ​​has arrived in Fifth Edition… and it's free!

Vecna ​​has arrived in Fifth Edition… and it's free!

Vecna ​​has arrived in the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons!

At the same time as the fourth day of Netflix Geeked Week (the one entirely dedicated to Stranger Things) Wizards of the Coast has released "The Vecna ​​Dossier", a document which contains the statistics updated to 5th Edition of Vecna, the iconic arch nemesis of countless adventurous parties, as well as the latest villain of the fourth season of the acclaimed Netflix original series.

Vecna ​​arrives in Fifth Edition

Vecna ​​is one of the game's historical villains, however he had never yet appeared in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, which instead had seen the arrival of other iconic villains, such as the demilich Acererak. Thanks to the unparalleled success of Stranger Things' fourth season, Wizards has decided to please fans of D&D and the Netflix series with a small but significant giveaway.

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Taking a look at The Vecna ​​Dossier (which you can find here) some interesting news emerge, as they are unpublished as regards the specific rules of the arcilichs. Vecna ​​has a reaction called Dread Counterspell (Terrifying Counterspell), capable of negating enemy spellcasters and dealing damage at the same time, and is also able to use a conical attack called Flight of the Damned which adds the frightened condition to those who fail a constitution saving throw. Another powerful attack that has been assigned to the incarnation for 5E is Rotten Fate, a necrotic attack that deals nearly 100 damage and turns the target into a zombie if killed by the attack.