TSMC looks to the future, 2nm in 2025 with 30% more performance

TSMC looks to the future, 2nm in 2025 with 30% more performance

TSMC looks to the future

At the TSMC Technology Symposium 2022, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., better known as TSMC, unveiled its N2 (2nm) manufacturing technology that will utilize gate-all-around field-effect (GAAFET) transistors. The first node of the company to employ this type of transistor, this new process will offer significant advantages in terms of performance and power.

The main innovations introduced by N2 concern the use of nanosheet transistors (GAAFET) and the backside power rails, which will allow to reach new levels of efficiency thanks to an improvement in performance per watt. Technically, nanosheet transistors have gated channels on all four sides, leading to a reduction in losses. Furthermore, the channels can be widened to increase the pilot current or reduced to decrease the energy consumption.

Photo credit: TSMC
N2 vs N3E N3E vs N5 N3 vs N5 N5 vs N7 Speed ​​improvement with the same power 10% ~ 15% + 18% + 10% ~ 15% + 15% Power reduction at the same speed -23 % ~ -30% -34% -25% ~ -30% -30% Chip density> 1.1X 1.3X? ? Start of high-volume production H2 2025 Q2 / Q3 2023 H2 2022 Q2 2022 TSMC offers its 2N node for multiple applications, from GPUs to SoCs for mobile devices. The company also referred to chiplet integration, which suggests that 2N will also be used for multi-chiplet packages to optimize cost and performance. High-volume production is expected in the second half of 2025, so we expect to see the first chip-equipped products made on 2N by the end of that year or even in 2026.

TSMC’s $100 Billion Wipeout Fails To Disturb Bullish Analysts

The downturn in the share market which resulted in a loss of $100 billion for TSMC does not have much effect on a huge number of economists. These investors still think that buying the stakes of the company is a great deal.

A man walks past TSMC’s logo at the company’s headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Source: CNBC

It is believed that the stocks of the company will rise by 50% in one year since large-scale conditions that impede progress are striking the ease of the market and the capitalists fix their concern on the policy of the corporation.

The regulators of capital have also begun to analyze the reason behind this overwhelming defeat. They are also reviewing the Chairman’s prediction of a 30% gain in income this year made on June 8.

However, the extent of the Corporation’s plunge in the market is evident as it has scrapped around a tenth of its market price transpires about 1/2 part of the downturn witnessed this year globally.

Alex Huang, the senior executive of Capital Hi-Tech Fund has asserted that the purchasers might come back after the disappearance of the extrinsic factors affecting the market. According to him the anticipation related to the growth of the market and the ongoing battle in Ukraine have raised the demand for semiconductors in the market and this rise in demand can result in a better market report in the coming months.

He further said that TSMC is the biggest and the easily and most efficiently sold shares on the equity market of Taiwan. This is the reason why most of the foreign capitalists want to buy the stocks of the corporation.

Some market reviewers of Sanford C Bernstein published a memo at the beginning of June which read that though a lot of people are concerned about a cyclical correction it can be still assumed that the stocks will rise with powerful costs that will make sure that the corporation is in profit for the next couple of years.

Noting that the capitalists were startled by the Coronavirus outbreak, failed to hear the alarm bells of the Russian-Ukraine war, and are currently prorated on the race of inflation. The following factors will keep on structuring the corporation at a large scale.

The examiners of JPMorgan Chase & Co. are hesitant about the concerned matter. They think that the shares of the company are encouraging a recession. Although they cannot predict the ultimate downturn TSMC will witness till 2023.

While a few other reviewers have claimed that the present scenario of the market will prove to be a great chance for the corporation as its future looks secure.