Someone made a gravestone for Internet Explorer

Someone made a gravestone for Internet Explorer

After 27 years of honorable service, Microsoft last week decided to retire its historic Internet Explorer browser. To be more precise, the fateful day was Wednesday 15 June 2022, which decreed the "end" of Internet Explorer, at least on Windows 10 systems distributed via SAC, Windows 10 20H2 and later versions (client SKU), and Windows 10 IoT, where it will be replaced by Microsoft Edge, the Microsoft browser based on Chromium and already default on Windows 11. As we have already reported to you, in the affected systems by starting IE11 the user will be redirected to Edge.

Apparently, South Korean computer engineer Jung Ki-young decided to commemorate the event by paying 430,000 won (about 315 euros) to design and order a plaque bearing the classic Internet Explorer logo, complete with a date of "birth. "And" death "and an epitaph that reads:" it was a good tool for downloading other browsers "(which will probably be familiar to fans of the Rick and Morty memes).

Photo Credit: TechSpot
It was a thorn in the side, but I would call it a love-hate relationship because Explorer himself dominated an era.

Apparently, Internet Explorer had an important imprint in Jung's working life, as the man had to ensure that his websites and applications were compatible with both Microsoft software and other browsers . In particular, Explorer has been used for many years by South Korean companies, so it was necessary to spend more time to ensure the correct functioning of the sites on it too.

However, Internet Explorer is not yet completely "dead", as in Microsoft Edge the "Internet Explorer mode" will continue to be supported until 2029, while the application itself will continue to work until January 2023 if you were still using Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 (with Extended Security Updates).