Sci-Fi Games That Defined the Genre

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There are certain sci-fi games that stand out even today. They have influenced the genre with their originality and have impacted many future games. These are milestone games that every sci-fi fan and gamer should play at least once in their lives. In that regard, here are a few such titles:


KOTOR stands for Knights of the Old Republic and it takes you way back before the series and movies we know today. You’ll get to see the Old Republic and the Sith Empire and you’ll get to play various missions across multiple planets. Or you can just kick back in your nearest cantina for a drink or a round of Pazaak.

Pazaak is a game that’s similar to blackjack as you need a card value of 20 or around 20 to beat your opponent. Blackjack is more of an online game nowadays as many casino sites offer it. They come with game selections made up of table games and slots. Moreover, players can find recommendations of sites from all across Europe including Swedish as well as UK sites. is one such site and the main thing to remember about these sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

The thing that makes this sci-fi game revolutionary is that you’re given different choices in conversations. This impacts the game as a whole and takes you closer to the Dark or Light Side of the Force. This will help you earn or lose companions along the way and give you one of the 2 endings of the game.

StarCraft II

This is the second game in the franchise, but it takes what the first one offers and takes it to another level. You’ve got bigger maps and 3 campaigns to look forward to in this one. Also, you’ll get to control more units as a player which gives you opportunities to carry out massive attacks. Additionally, there are new units added to the game and the story is pretty good too.

You’ll get to see old characters like Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan in new settings. This is an RTS title and you’ll also have the chance to play skirmish battles if you want to. Starcraft is a franchise that influenced lots of other RTS games and when you look at StarCraft II you’ll see why.


The thing about Remedy Games is that they make excellent titles, and the same can be said about Control. This game may be the newest one of this bunch, but there are several reasons why this is the case. It has visuals like no other title before it, and thanks to the paranormal element regular rooms are turned into amazing levels.

The combat is also singular because it combines guns with superpowers. You’ll get to take on all kinds of enemies and learn their powers too. Couple that with a story and an amazing protagonist like Jesse Faden and you’ve got an unforgettable sci-fi title. There are many titles with flashy graphics out there, but Control combines a good story and mechanics to stand out in the crowd.