PS5 Slim: youtuber makes it and it's perfect!

PS5 Slim: youtuber makes it and it's perfect!

PS5 Slim

Since the time of the first historic PlayStation, Sony has accustomed us to the traditional launch of a second smaller version of its console. It all started with the tiny PS One, equipped with a screen that can be purchased separately to play even without the aid of a home TV. From the PS2 generation onwards, Sony changed the name of this version by calling it Slim. While waiting to find out if there will also be a PS5 Slim, an enthusiast tried to imagine the possible design of this new version of PlayStation 5.

The author of the video in question is the youtuber known on the platform as DIY Perks, which is by no means new to the creation of these types of content, even outside the videogame medium. In one of his most recent videos, this content creator wanted to imagine a possible version of the PS5 Slim that is very small in size.

The result is nothing short of incredible, and significantly reduces the size of the PS5. The original console is imposing, while this DIY PS5 Slim looks almost like a small blu-ray player in size and shape. Now we just have to find out how and when an official slim version of PlayStation 5 will be presented. Usually Sony has accustomed us to unveil this version of its console after about three years from the launch of the original version, so, in theory, we will have to wait a little longer.

This DIY PS5 Slim looks absolutely great

(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever looekd at your PlayStation 5 and thought it would be ideal if it were just a little smaller, you're not the only one.

Sony's console, whether you have the full disc edition or the digital version that's a little slimmer, is an absolute behemoth that's desperately in need of the 'Slim' version that previous PlayStations have eventually received.

YouTuber DIY Perks has taken that idea and run with it, in the form of his latest PS5 build, which you can watch below.

Having previously made new covers for the PS5 and redesigned its looked entirely, this time he's made a frighteningly slimline PS5 that relies on an external power supply and some ingenious water cooling to keep its bulk down to a minimum.

The look and feel of the console is, of course, completely foreign to Sony's own design but the key thing it demonstrates is that the heart of the PS5 actually isn't all that big.

It's the power supply and cooling systems that make it so bulky (much like the Xbox Series X), so if you can shrink those down without losing their efficacy, you can go to the races.

Whether this shows any sort of a template for how Sony might slim down its console is pretty unlikely at this stage, though. Water cooling has its place in both industrial and enthusiast settings, but it's never been successfully implemented in a consumer console with good reason, given the complications it can bring on.

If anything, as you'll see late on in the build, moving components outside the countertop unit does indeed let you make that way smaller, but you're still going to have bulky components to hide in an AV cabinet or behind your TV stand.

Still, it's a really fun project that's extremely interesting to watch unfold, so we heartily recommend you check out the video and DIY Perks' channel.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.