PS5 Slim is reality, DIY Perks has built one with a thickness of 2 centimeters

PS5 Slim is reality, DIY Perks has built one with a thickness of 2 centimeters

PS5 Slim is reality

Will PS5 ever see the light with a Slim model capable of reducing the overall dimensions and delivering a less exuberant aesthetic than the current one? While waiting for Sony to fulfill this wish, the folks at DIY Perks have made this dream come true, building a prototype 2 centimeters thick.

How the hell did they do it? Well, you may remember how the official PS5 video teardown revealed a somewhat peculiar space management, with the bulk of the volumes occupied by the power supply and the console's dissipation system.

Well, DIY Perks has proceeded to remove all these components, to dry the liquid metal for cooling the PlayStation 5 SoC and to build a new dissipation system that met the thickness requirements of the project.

PS5, the Slim model created by DIY Perks The solution found consists of a large copper plate scaled to allow the passage of water, with small extra blocks in correspondence of the chips to be cooled and the addition of new liquid metal on the processor to resume the original thermal design. >
Admittedly, the PS5 Slim built by DIY Perks currently implies a huge compromise, and that is the fact that the radiator and power supply are placed outside the form factor, making the final result "distorted" and fundamentally impossible to commercialize in these conditions.

If, however, we had been satisfied with a less aggressive volume reduction, supported perhaps by a sufficiently powerful air cooler, we might have reached to an equally interesting and much less cumbersome solution than the current PlayStation 5.

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PS5 Slim That's Just 2CM in Height Built by YouTuber

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We all know that the PS5 is a bit of a beast in terms of size – love it or loathe it, the console is borderline obnoxious, isn’t it? Given the ongoing semiconductor shortages, it’ll probably be a good few years before we get a PS5 Slim, so one industrious YouTuber has taken on the task himself. This is actually a really entertaining and watchable video – there’s a lot of digestible information on Sony’s original hardware design, for example.

The goal for DIY Perks is to shrink the entire chassis down to just 2cm in height, which if you own a PS5 you’ll know seems impossible. The way he does it is by stripping out pretty much all of its cooling and building a new water system, which he then rigs up to a gigantic power brick that’s intended to be kept out of sight. So, it’s cheating in a way, because he actually makes the system bigger if you factor in the fans and power, but we can respect the effort.

Obviously when Sony does build a real PS5 Slim, it’ll work to reduce the overall power draw of the device, allowing it to shrink the cooling components. But given that DIY Perks is working with the original hardware, we found this an enjoyable watch. Are you holding out hope for a smaller PS5 in the future? Shrink your system down in the comments section below.