Lamborghini registers the name Revuelto: is she the first electric one?

Lamborghini registers the name Revuelto: is she the first electric one?

Lamborghini registers the name Revuelto

In the past few hours, the Italian brand of Sant’Agata Bolognese dedicated to the creation of exclusive supercars has registered a new name dedicated to what could be its first electric car. As we know, Lamborghini's path towards an electrified range will take its first steps by the end of 2024, with the marketing of the first plug-in hybrid versions of the Huracan and Urus.

The first electric vehicle, on the other hand, will arrive by the end of the decade with a launch scheduled for 2028. Pending the arrival of that date, we await a series of prototypes and forklifts from the manufacturer which will certainly not be long in coming. However, our colleagues at CarBuzz managed to get to know what could be the name of the first electric; it could be called "Revuelto" which, in Italian, could mean restless and turbulent, thus reincarnating the qualities of the famous V12 now discontinued.

In any case, the Lamborghini patent includes a series of drastically different classes of the EUIPO ; more precisely, the brand has registered the name for classes 9, 12, 25 and 28, practically from cars to clothing, thus arousing considerable suspicion. Despite this more or less intentional misdirection, class 12 is the most important one that detects that it could be an electric vehicle. Yes, vehicle, as it is not specified whether it will have two or four wheels.

At the moment the information on this is really limited and all we know is that it will be a 2 + 2 GT defined as a different solution from what we are used to; it will have above average ground clearance but will not be a real SUV. Despite the stylistic freedoms that the electric car grants in terms of design and construction, Lamborghini will very easily maintain square and easily recognizable lines as pre-announced by the house's number one. Winkelmann, in a previous interview with Top Gear, also specified that Lamborghini's electric vehicles will only be bullets on the straight, but will maintain enviable dynamic qualities.

the Italian house registers the name revuelto

DOES PATENT REVEAL LAMBO PROGRAMS? This is not the first time we have written about that builder copyright file and it will not be the last. Register a logo or project does not mean automatic that a new car or a new motorcycle will arrive soon, however it may be an introduction. And today, we have one proof new registrationthis time a big hit, as it comes out Lamborghini. The Sant’Agata House has a name Revuelto. But let’s go in order. You need to know which copyright file is used all product categories. In that case, Lamborghini has registered a term for class products and services 9, 12, 25 and 28 of EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). But what does this mean?

Lamborghini Patent: part of the Revuelto name registration certificateFROM FUNNY, TO CLOTHES TO CARS We describe you in two words. There 9th grade it basically includes all car components, up to adjustable tablet handles for use in the passenger compartment. There 25th grade made up of all clothes, when class 28 mentions toy cars, models of scales, racing sports cars and any other vehicle-related equipment. But the real gem is there Class 12that includes cars and electric vehicles. In fact, it covers almost everything that moves on the planet, including electric scooters and a single wheel. It is obvious that Lamborghini wants to keep this name alone, which could lead to a logical conclusion. The next Lamborghini will be called Revuelto.


Lamborghini copyright: Asterion may inspire Sant’Agata’s future BEVAMBAYO THE MEANING OF THE WORD? But What exactly does “Revuelto” mean? Everyone knows that many Lambos have been named the famous Spanish bull or from the description of the bull itself. Casa di Sant’Agata Bolognese has eliminated this option only twice before. Especially and special Sixth featureand more in the past and Numbers, a word that, more or less, signifies surprise when a man sees a beautiful woman. In short, a big thank you. Translated literally, Revuelto is a Spanish noun which means something like “boiled eggs”. Well, we don’t think this is the meaning that Lamborghini intended, but let’s imagine that they chose the word as it can also translate in approx. wild, agitated or rebellious. Why leave out the traditional references to the Spanish bull? The reason can be hidden in Grade 9 of the patent application. In addition to the usual features of the car, it is also mentioned car batteriesrechargeable electric batteries, power supply units, power supply units, electric car batteries and car battery charger. Class 12 clearly states electric cars by name.

Lamborghini patent: elegant Asterion interiorLamborghini patent: elegant Asterion interiorOK NAME IS CORRECT, BUT WHAT EXAMPLE? Will the first Lamborghini electric car be called a Revuelto? At this point it seems certain. What kind of car will it be? Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has recently revealed to the British media that the first Lamborghini car will be 2 + 2 and high ground clearance. Basically, an electric GT that should break the boxes on the Ferrari Purosangue. “It will be a car more powerful and this will be the first of full-fledged electricity, before the arrival of the Russian-zero zero “, Winkelmann said. What a worry designwe still do not know anything, even if the Lamborghini could be inspired by major tourism Asterion. That was the last time Lambo mentioned a unique tourist and sadly it was never released.