In Rome, new columns against illegal parking

In Rome, new columns against illegal parking

In Rome

In Rome, and in large Italian cities in general, we are seeing a slow spread of charging stations for electric cars, which inevitably suffer from different practicality problems than those faced so far to refuel an endothermic car: the columns on the sidewalks of cities can often be occupied by cars that are not using them, creating discomfort for those who need to recharge their car.

The problem of occupied recharging bays is a problem of its own in large cities where the columns are still few and do not have real dedicated spaces as if it were a service station; the columns are very often positioned on the sidewalks, actually occupying one or more parking spaces, reserving them for recharging.

To avoid the phenomenon of those who instead leave their electric car parked for a long time even after recharging is complete, we are thinking of increased rates that are triggered one hour after the end of their recharge, so as to favor the replacement of cars on the charging stalls.

The council has also decided to hold an international competition to create the design of the column, which will be branded with the "Roma" brand, and it will then be up to the individual municipalities to evaluate which are the best points to install the new recharging points, while the existing ones will be updated with the installation of the new column.

Boy fighting for life after stabbing in Rome street (6)

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 14 - A 15-year-old Cape Verdian boy is fighting for his life in a Rome hospital after being stabbed in a street in the upscale Prati district Monday night.    The suspected aggressor, a 16-year-old Cape Verdian boy, has been arrested.    Police said the stabbing was the result of a 'petty squabble'.    Prati, near the Vatican, is one of the most affluent parts of the Italian capital. (ANSA).   


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