Iconic Games That Define the RPG Genre

iconic games

There are many games out there and they fall under various genres. The RPG genre is the oldest one in existence and in games like these, you get a created character or create one yourself. Over the years there have been lots of RPG titles, but there are certain ones that are benchmarks for the genre. If you’re looking for these titles, then here are some suggestions:

Red Dead Redemption 2

This is a cowboy or a Wild West title that lets you step into the shoes of one cowboy and explore the period. The amazing graphics and mechanics make this RPG a unique one as does the story. So, you’ll go from town to town completing missions or you can just sit back and enjoy a game of poker.

Poker was a prominent game back in those days and it’s popular to this day. Moreover, there are many poker variants available online at casino sites. There are established and new ones springing up every day which is why players can rely on sites like Spinsify to help them with site suggestions. The main thing about these sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

Resident Evil 3

The Spencer Mansion is where the horror began many years ago, but it’s the third title, not the second one that’s the continuation of that story. You’ll get to play with Jill in this one and you’ll get to stop the spreading of the virus and help the evacuation of the citizens. You’ll tango with Nemesis a couple of times before you destroy him and you’ll race to get the vaccine, only for it to be scrapped by Umbrella. As things turn sour, there’s a missile strike ordered on the city and you’ll make it just in time. Horror and action are a good mix and together with a nice story make Resident Evil 3 a worthy game.

Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Trilogy

Ezio Auditore is one of the protagonists of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and is a recent carrier of a trilogy. It begins in the second installment when he’s a young man. His father and brothers are set up for treason and executed. He decides to take revenge and dons the mantle of an Assassin and that’s how he’s exposed to the world of Assassins and Templars. The story continues in Brotherhood after he’s defeated Rodrigo Borgia, now he must deal with Cesare and once he does, he goes on trips across the world in search of Pieces of Eden.

Revelations is when Ezio is a middle-aged man ripe with skill and wisdom. He manages to get all the keys and reveal the secrets of Masyaf while struggling with the political situation in Istanbul. This trilogy represents some of the best RPG titles and one of the most iconic characters of all time. Ezio will give you a fun ride and let you enjoy Renaissance Italy to the fullest. The Ezio Trilogy is one heck of a franchise which is why it’s a franchise that defined the RPG genre.