Hyundai Veloster N: withdrawal imminent now?

Hyundai Veloster N: withdrawal imminent now?

Hyundai Veloster N

Time is running out and electrification is now just around the corner, even for those brands that have made sportsmanship their philosophy. According to a Korean newspaper Korea Economic Daily, the Veloster N, a sports hot-hatch not available in our market, could soon disappear.

The reason? Still unknown although some sources suggest that it could be replaced by a mysterious Avante N, a kind of sedan similar to the Elantra N. Veloster like Elantra are not available in our market and the solution that comes closest to the Elantra is the i30 Fastback, which we had the opportunity to test a few weeks ago in Misano during an event organized by Hyundai. The reason for this change could therefore be strictly linked to market volumes in Korea and not concern any change in strategy in terms of hybridization.
Alternatively, it is possible that Hyundai has chosen to continue with the current models (such as i20 N, i30 N and Kona N) and stop production only at a later time. After all, a high-performance version of Ioniq 5 has been in development, perhaps under the name of Ioniq 5 N, for some time. Following the first electric sedan, a more sophisticated model will arrive on the market, known as the Ioniq 6, and it is not difficult to think that this solution will also benefit from an enhanced version.

At the moment there are no confirmations or denials in this regard, we just have to wait for official information from the brand.

The odd Hyundai Veloster is being subtracted from the lineup, report says

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The Hyundai Veloster is one of the oddest cars on sale today.

But it might not be available much longer.

The compact hatchback features an asymmetrical passenger door design, with one large door for the driver and two smaller ones on the passenger side that provide easier access to the rear seat.

Hyundai is so committed to the idea that in markets where vehicles have the steering wheel on the right-hand side, the doors are switched to go with it.

The Hyundai Veloster has three passenger doors. (Hyundai)

Nearly 40,000 Velosters were sold in the U.S. during its first full year on the market in 2012, but when the second-generation version launched in 2019, that figure dropped to around 12,000 and has been going down ever since.

The Veloster uses two doors on the passenger side to create easier access to the back seat. (Hyundai)

Only 2,112 Velosters found new American homes last year. Hyundai has trimmed the most mainstream models from the range and currently sells only the high performance Veloster N, which has a 275 hp turbocharged engine and starts at $33,595.

The high-performance Veloster N is the only model currently available. (Hyundai)

Hyundai delivered a scant 510 Velosters in its home market of South Korea in 2021. Sources now tell The Korea Economic Daily that it will discontinue production completely at the end of July.


The automaker has not officially announced the decision, but the outlet reports that the factory that builds the Veloster will be used to increase production of the more popular Kona subcompact SUV, which is also available in an N trim alongside standard versions that start at $22,595

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