Holland and Germany have 50% of the columns in Europe

Holland and Germany have 50% of the columns in Europe

The figure appears evident after the latest study carried out by Acea, the European association of car manufacturers: in Europe the distribution of charging stations for electric cars is anything but homogeneous, and sees two states - Holland and Germany - which which together occupy less than 10% of the territory and have 50% of the existing charging stations available.

In Germany there are currently 60,000 recharging points, while in the Netherlands it has reached 90,000; the remaining columns are divided into other countries of the European Union, with some areas that are still little touched by the electric revolution. Among the less involved countries we find Cyprus, which also for reasons of space has only 57 charging points, followed by Malta with 98 charging points, Lithuania with 207, Estonia with 385 and finally Latvia with 420 charging stations for electric cars.

On the other hand, France with just over 37,000 recharging points, followed by Sweden with 25,197 and Italy, with 23,543 charging stations, is at the top of the ranking after Holland and Germany.

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Interviewed on the subject, Acea's general manager Eric-Mark Huitema said:

“Men While some countries are moving forward in terms of infrastructure implementation, most countries are still lagging behind. There are great disparities. The regulation on the infrastructure of alternative fuels DAFI proposed by the European Commission last year is designed to help the transition, but must be strengthened in order to allow a consistent diffusion of the columns throughout the European territory ".