Gudetama: A New Journey, the teaser of the anime coming to Netflix

Gudetama: A New Journey, the teaser of the anime coming to Netflix


Netflix has announced through a first teaser a new anime coming to its platform which features none other than Gudetama, the cartoon character created by Sanrio and part of the kimo-kawaii culture and Japanese food culture. The anime is called Gudetama: A New Journey. What is it about?

Gudetama: A New Journey Teaser

Gudetama: A New Journey (Gudetama: Haha wo Tazunete Donkurai) is a CG based hybrid live-action series about Sanrio's famous lazy character, Gudetama. When will we be able to see the anime? Although we don't have a specific date yet, Netflix has announced that it will distribute the series worldwide later this year.

Netflix describes the series:

A lethargic and empathetic road movie on the search for their parents, for all those who just want to laze!

Resigned to the fact that it will end up on someone's plate, Gudetama always wants to be lazy. But, dragged by the enterprising and arrogant Shakipiyo, he leaves the refrigerator and goes around the world. Together, these polar opposites set out on an adventure to find their mother!

Gudetama joined Sanrio's popular lineup of characters in 2013. Sanrio describes Gudetama as a dead egg to the world and completely lacking in motivation. Regardless of the cooking method used, Gudetama does not budge.

Below you can watch the Gudetama teaser: A New Journey:

Eggciting! Sanrio’s Gudetama gets live-action Netflix series

MANILA, Philippines – A series based on the beloved Japanese cartoon character Gudetama, also known as the “lazy egg,” is coming to Netflix, the streaming platform announced on Sunday, June 12. 

“The world’s favorite lazy egg comes to life in a brand new adventure,” Netflix wrote, alongside a 30-second teaser.  The upcoming series is a hybrid project with both CG animation and live-action content. 

the world's favorite lazy egg comes to life in a brand new adventure

GUDETAMA: AN EGGCELLENT ADVENTURE — a new Netflix series produced in a hybrid of live-action and CG animation — is coming later in 2022

— Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) June 12, 2022

The announcement teaser begins with a shot of a basket of eggs, then one of them starts cracking open. An animated clip of an egg yolk that resembles the lethargic Gudetama then spills out from the egg shells and says the character’s famous catchphrase: “What a drag.” 

Titled Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure,  the series will follow Gudetama, a listless egg who has given up on life, and Shakipiyo, an enthusiastic, overbearing chick. “Together, the odd couple set out on a quest to find their mother,” the show’s official logline read. 

The bright yellow character has become one of Sanrio’s most famous characters since its creation in 2013. 

Gudetama: An Eggcellent Adventure is slated for a 2022 release but a premiere date has yet to be announced. –