Ford: "Small brands will not survive the electric"

Ford: Small brands will not survive the electric


The transition to electric mobility will be difficult and expensive for many car brands, but it will also be a great communication challenge for the public, who today still remain very skeptical of electric cars - often for disinformation rather than for real practical reasons. . On the occasion of the 38th annual conference dedicated to the strategic decisions of the brand, the CEO of Ford made very clear statements about this big change, suggesting that the electric transition will claim many victims among small automotive brands.

“The historic producers will only consolidate further. There will be companies that will grow a lot. Among customers, some are already convinced of the transition, while others will not be happy with it. However, many of the companies on the market cannot afford the transition. Many of them are not investing in integrated software and electrical architecture, the fundamental aspects of this transition. Engines and gearboxes are not important, while the vehicle control software is more and more. " Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, said.

This assumption opens up worrying scenarios in which the big brands will continue, as is already the case today, to engulf the little ones, also buying their intellectual properties which are then used on the models of the brand they buy. ; however, the risk for historic producers is not averted, because if you do not invest in the right way and in the right time, you risk falling behind the competition.| ); }
The next few years will undoubtedly be studded with such targeted projects. to reduce the development and production costs for homes, which will thus - hopefully, at least from the point of view of the final consumer - create cheaper electric cars.

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