Final Fantasy 7 Remake: the Steam version also costs 80 Euros

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: the Steam version also costs 80 Euros

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

For some time now, Square Enix has fully embraced the console pricing philosophy on the PC market as well. And so, the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on Steam is no longer the classic 59.99 Euros to which all publishers have accustomed us over the years, but it rises dramatically, reaching 80 Euros (or if you prefer 79.99 euros). Nothing new: even on the Epic Game Store, where the game remained exclusive until tonight, the price was identical to the PS5 counterpart.

To leave you amazed by the price is not only the public, who finds himself a game already published on three platforms (PS4, PS5 and PC via Epic Game Store), but also Alexander Battaglia of Digital Foundry, who from his Twitter profile asked players not to buy the Steam version . “The price for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on Steam is 80 Euros. An absolutely terrible price for an old game, which comes with a version that has several problems and that Square Enix never said it fixed ”, the words of Battaglia declared on Twitter.

The steam price for Final Fantasy VII remake intergrade is 80 € - absolutely do not buy this game at this price. Absolutely terrible pricing for an old game with a version that has many core issues that they have yet to even say they have fixed.

- Alexander Battaglia (@Dachsjaeger) June 17, 2022

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is available on Steam for a few hours . The game is also compatible with Steam Deck. During the Italian night, Square Enix also announced that the next episode of the makeover will arrive during the winter of 2023, while the third has not yet obtained a launch window or an official name. Keep following geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s second chapter is called 'Rebirth'

During a Final Fantasy VII 25th anniversary celebration, alongside announcements of a Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core remake and news that Remake Intergrade will launch on Steam later this month, we got our first tiny glimpse of the next part of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

It’ll be called Rebirth, and seems to focus on some of the major plotlines of the original (we won’t get spoilery) all while throwing a wrench into our expectations.

We see protagonist Cloud and antagonist Sephiroth marching around a later area of the original game with lush vegetation, while fellow party member Aerith (we think) muses off-screen on whether she’s died. Or not. 

We also get a brief glimpse of Cloud resting on the shoulder of Zack – the hero of Crisis Core. So, er, yeah. Even if you’re totally up to speed with FFVII lore and spin-offs, this trailer is a giant question mark to get fans talking and theorizing for the next twelve months and beyond.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase said during the stream that: 'Making the middle part of a trilogy has its own challenges, but there are plenty of classic second installments in the world of film that are defined by stunning story twists and deeper explorations of their characters.”

The game’s director, Naoki Hamaguchi, said: 'The Final Fantasy 7 remake project will be a three-part trilogy, but Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is much more than just one installment in the series.”

There you have it. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a trilogy. And so very many spin-off games on the side.

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