Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Red unintentionally confirmed the Electric Rider DLC

Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Red unintentionally confirmed the Electric Rider DLC

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red unintentionally confirmed the recent leak about Cyberpunk 2077's Electric Dream DLC. How? Requesting the removal of the material stolen from the web. In particular, the site has published a fairly explicit message to that effect, after having modified the news with confidential information:

"We were asked by CD Projekt Red to modify the content of this news to the fact that the published material, such as the cited locations, storylines or dialogues mentioned in the text, are CD Projekt Red secrets and were obtained in a way not provided for in the Cyberpunk 2077 license agreement. "

Cyberpunk 2077: the information about the expansion was true So it seems that the first expansion actually appeared online, otherwise we would not talk about the developer's confidential material.

At this point we just have to wait for the official announcement, perhaps along with some other major updates that further refine this troubled game. After all, the public interest is still there, as evidenced by the fact that it is currently in the top positions of the best-selling titles on Steam, thanks to a large discount.

Source Have you noticed any errors?

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Is Getting Transmog For Its Clothing And Armor



It may be a while until we get any new Cyberpunk 2077 updates, given that everyone is heads down for the upcoming DLC in 2023. But we do know at least one thing that is definitely coming, given strong hints from the game and its developer. I’d say more than hints, more or less just…confirmation.

That would be transmog, the ability to wear whatever armor or clothing items you want and transform each piece to look like another piece, so you don’t look like a mismatched weirdo. It’s kind of par for the course for most RPGs to have some system like this now, but Cyberpunk doesn’t. That seems like it’s about to change, judging by this response to this fan:

Cyberpunk Quest Director Pawel Sasko also replied with the eyes emoji too.

The confirms something that was already glimpsed a few times, as the tag “transmog” was attached to a few of these slots in some past build data. What’s not clear is whether this could be something coming in a future patch, or if it will not arrive until the DLC. There have been other indications that smaller patches with new additions could be coming before 2023, which could even include new gigs to run, but we have no fixed confirmation on that yet. If so, however, I could see transmog arriving early.

The thing about transmog in Cyberpunk however is that…at least in my playthroughs, you could kind of wear anything you wanted, because the game’s difficulty was balanced such that it was easy to get overpowered to the point where it effectively didn’t matter at all what you wore. Given that my hacker build could stand on a curb and kill an entire building’s worth of enemies without moving, you didn’t exactly need to be loaded up in legendary armor. The same went for my melee build, as I was killing enemies so fast and healing up so quickly that my gear really did not matter.

Cyberpunk 2077


Now, since I played the campaign, the game’s difficulty has been somewhat rebalanced, especially on “very hard,” so that may no longer be true. So if that’s the case, new players coming in now probably would benefit more from transmog than I did back then.

If CDPR was really concerned about fashion, what they would implement is the extremely basic functionality of letting you preview what clothing items look like before you buy them. It’s wild to me you literally have to buy items, try them on, then reload a save if you don’t like them because there’s not a system in place that games have had for 20 years. Still not sure why that’s never been addressed, but hopefully it arrives alongside transmog.

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