CS: GO, hacker steals skins for a millionaire value

CS: GO, hacker steals skins for a millionaire value


An exemplary theft that occurred over the last few days and which features CS: GO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the game from Valve. As reported by PCGamesN, in fact, skins worth more than a million dollars have been stolen. A real theft, which took place from a Steam inventory and which still leaves us amazed at how it was possible.

Let's go in order: the collector ohnePixel was the one who suffered the theft of the skins. which has stolen 2 million Dollars of Skin. "This was the most expensive inventory of all time," ohnePixel told Twitter. And it is no coincidence that he used these exact words: among the stolen skins there are also 7 Dragon Lores, a skin for a rifle. On the market, that cosmetic has a decidedly high value, so much so that it is sold at a price of around 56,000 Dollars on some third-party sites. The collection also included a blue gem, which alone made up nearly the total amount stolen, which is $ 1.4 million.

But how did a criminal get hold of her skins? Simple: the Steam account has been compromised. Whoever wanted to steal the collector's CS: GO skins entered his account, changed his name and also the email address he was associated with. All of this, of course, without leaving an obvious trace before the theft. A problem that again raises a big question: are our digital assets really safe or do companies like Valve need to do more to protect players?

CS Energy secures 270MW solar portfolio from NYSERDA in US

Australian energy company CS Energy has secured three utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects from the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) in the US.

The three projects collectively have 270MWac or 365MWdc of capacity and were awarded by NYSERDA under its fifth annual Renewable Energy Standard request for proposals.

They include Yellow Barn Solar, a 160MWac / 216MWdc solar facility in Tompkins County, and the York Run Solar facility in Chautauqua County, whose capacity amounts to 90MWac / 122MWdc.

Also awarded by NYSERDA was the Stern Solar facility in Rensselaer County, which has 19.99MWac / 27MWdc of capacity.

Construction works at the sites are expected to begin in 2025 and are scheduled to be completed the following year.

The projects will feature single-axis tracking technology and be equipped with bifacial solar panels.

They will have the capacity to produce more than 500,000MWh of renewable energy a year, which is enough to meet the needs of more than 70,000 homes and offset more than 257,000t of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

CS Energy chief commercial officer Eric Millard said: “As the first company to successfully develop and construct large-scale solar in upstate New York, we are proud to continue playing a leading role in the deployment of NYSERDA’s large-scale renewables programme.

“Our personalised approach and hands-on experience collaborating with municipalities, state and local agencies, communities, local labour and New York businesses set us apart in helping New York achieve its renewable energy goals.”

The three projects are part of a 22-project procurement portfolio and were selected from more than 50 bidding facilities.

Last month, CS Energy signed a memorandum of understanding with EDF Renewables to develop the Banana Range Wind Farm in Central Queensland.

The company is also considering buying an equity stake in the proposed 230MW wind project.

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