Capcom teases new content for Resident Evil Village

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Credit: Stefans02 - Flickr


The Capcom game showcase just aired, and it revealed much exciting news about what is coming for fans of the Osaka-based developer. While Capcom announced no new title, gamers got a good look at exclusive Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and Exoprimal snippets. But it was Resident Evil that stole the show with more content coming to the saga’s eighth instalment.

A DLC for Resident Evil Village had already been announced last June. Yet, no news had leaked since then. The Capcom June showcase finally disclosed more information yesterday on the long-awaited sequel to the franchise’s most recent game.

Capcom revealed three major additions to Resident Evil Village. First, an expansion to the game’s Mercenaries mode will introduce exclusive stages and the return of iconic characters such as Chris Redfield and Lady Dimitrescu. Much to the pressing demand from fans, Ethan Winters will also make a third-person view comeback. Players who have already finished the game can therefore enjoy a brand-new perspective, as well as never-before-seen animations.

But the crux of the show was the announcement of the Shadows of Rose DLC. This new chapter sets on extending the story of Resident Village by centring on the character of Ethan’s daughter, Rose. In this third-person scenario, the story picks up sixteen years after the game’s events. A now-adult Rose finds herself struggling as her consciousness merges with that of the Megamycete, a bacterial super-organism. Lying beneath the Village, this mutagenic moss helped spawn monsters. Any human that made contact with this Mold had their DNA absorbed, and even their memories.

The showcase dropped a trailer for the Shadows of Rose DLC. As Capcom noted, Rose’s story will have broad psychological undertones. Resident Village’s ending suggested that Ethan’s daughter might indeed have inherited abilities due to her parents’ exposure to the Fungal Root. The world now exists within her mind, in place of physical reality. That is why characters like Chris Redfield are closely monitoring her every move. Therefore, this new chapter is about more than just monsters. And there are powerful forces at play that threaten Rose.

The Capcom game showcase revealed that the Winter’s expansion DLC will hit PlayStation, Xbox and PC right in time for Halloween on October 28. Capcom also announced a release date for the remake of Resident Evil 4. This much-anticipated remake will be available on PS5, Xbox Series and PC on March 23, 2023.

In the meantime, fans can treat themselves to a few seconds of gameplay showing some improved design and visual effects. The Japanese publisher revealed another major inclusion during the showcase, as Leon Kennedy will now boast the ability to move while adjusting the aim of his gun.

The Resident Evil success story will therefore continue in the years to come, as the survival-horror series remains Capcom’s flagship franchise along with Monster Hunter. The Resident Evil saga even sold over 123 million copies since it first launched in 1996, with the latest instalment hitting over six million units.

And the series’ influence has long expanded beyond its core fans. Reinventing the very survival-horror genre, the franchise paved the way for several films. The Resident Evil saga spawned a successful movie series and a recent reboot that came to movie theatres in 2021 called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. Resident Evil’s explorative storytelling and engrossing atmosphere also made their mark on subsequent games, such as Chaos Break or Silent Hill.

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Thus, fans of the franchise can try their luck at a Resident Evil 6 slot machine while waiting for the Winter’s expansion DLC to drop. Or else, fans can always go back to one of the best-ranked games in the entire saga, such as Resident Evil 5 and its swooping 13 million units sold worldwide.