Best Sports Games for Finnish Sport Fans

sports games

The Finnish are quite avid sports fans and they enjoy watching sports events in their free time. Some of the most popular sports in Finland include football, ice hockey, skiing, motorsport, and others. Video games enable these sports fans to take an active role in their favorite sports as they’re immersed in the gameplay. So, if you’re a Finnish sports fan looking to play some sports games, then here are some suggestions:


As Fins are quite the football fans, they wouldn’t mind enjoying a good football game. That’s why the FIFA series is right up their alley and FIFA 22 is the most current title. So, you’ll get to play with a myriad of teams and enjoy a game that offers the cutting edge of graphics. Moreover, you can make your own teams with players from the past and today which is why FIFA 22 is such a great title.

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world which is why so many online sportsbooks cover it. Along with tennis, basketball, and other sports, it’s available at many sportsbook sites. Furthermore, sites like cover these sites and the various offers they have. The main thing to remember about these sites is to enjoy them responsibly.

NHL 21

There aren’t many hockey games available out there, but the NHL series is a pretty solid one. Ice and Finland go hand in hand which is why so many Fins enjoy hockey. NHL 21 is a good hockey game and it’s recent so it’s as real as it gets. Just like FIFA 22, it features shiny graphics with a load of great mechanics that enhance the gaming experience. The one thing that makes this game better than its predecessors is an improved Be A Pro mode. 

In this mode, you’ll get to create a hockey player that starts in the Canadian or European league and is looking to snatch a spot in the NHL. You will also need to make various decisions when talking to media, teammates, and coaches via messages and these choices will both have pros and cons either advancing or hindering your career. The thing about your player’s career is that it’s more of a slow grind which makes the game quite realistic. So, if this seems like your cup of tea, then NHL 21 is the game for you. 


Skiing is another favorite sport of Finnish sports fans, and Steep is the kind of game that offers you a way into the virtual world of skiing. But this isn’t the only sport available in the game as you can also go for snowboarding, wingsuit flying, and paragliding. The original game came out in 2013 and comes with good mechanics and visuals. It was set in the Alps and thanks to several expansions, Japan, Korea, and Alaska were added as locations with additional sports. The 2018 Winter Olympics was also added as an expansion. In short, you’ll get to try your luck with skiing and other sports in Steep.