Trailer and plot of the Malevolent Spirits anime: Mononogatari

Trailer and plot of the Malevolent Spirits anime: Mononogatari

Trailer and plot of the Malevolent Spirits anime

The anime Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari is the adaptation of the homonymous manga of Onigunsō launched in Shueisha's Miracle Jump magazine in April 2014 and subsequently switched to Ultra Jump in January 2016. Now, the official website has released the first trailer of the anime and provided some information regarding the staff, cast and plot.

Everything we know about the anime Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari

The series is produced by Bandai Namco Pictures, the animation studio affiliated with the Japanese toy and video game conglomerate. The studio is known for producing the anime adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi's sci-fi comedy Gintama and also created Birdie Wing: Golf Girls' Story, a new sports anime that premiered in April and is currently simulcast by Crunchyroll. Shiori Fujisawa draws the characters while John Kanda and XELIK compose the music. The cast includes Takeo Ōtsuka as Hyōma Kunato and Yūki Takada as Botan Nagatsuki

When spirits pass into the human world, they can possess old objects and acquire a physical form - a tsukumogami. Tsukumogami can be kind, violent, or somewhere in between, so the Saenome clan peacefully helps send them back to the spirit world to avoid destruction. Kunato Hyouma is a member of the clan, but he is far from peaceful, as he holds a grudge that a tsukumogami has deprived him of something important. Fearing that Hyouma's brazen anger at dealing with these spirits leads to supernatural catastrophes, Hyouma's grandfather sends him to live in Kyoto with Nagatsuki Botan, an unusual young woman who actually lives with the tsukumogamis as a family! Will Hyouma be able to control his emotions when dealing with tsukumogami, or is his own spirit destined to be possessed by anger forever?

You can watch the trailer below:

Date A Live Season 4 Teases Next Arc With New Trailer

Date A Live is getting ready for the next major arc of the fourth season, and has given fans an idea of what that will look like with a new trailer! The fourth season taking on Koshi Tachibana and Tsunako's original light novel series has been steadily airing as part of the highly anticipated Spring 2022 anime schedule, and fans have already seen the series develop the first arc of the new episodes. As Shido got closer to yet another new Spirit in the first few episodes, the next slate of episodes will be introducing yet another new spirit for him to meet and romance.  

As teased by all of the promotional materials for the new season so far, Date A Live has confirmed that it will next be tackling the Mukuro Arc of the series with a new trailer for Season 4. Teasing Akari Kageyama's debut as the Mokuro Hoshimiya, the Key Spirit, the newest trailer for the fourth season showcases some of the fiery battles that she will be in the center of as Shido grows closer to with the tenth major spirit making her debut in the anime next. You can check out the trailer below: 

This new arc will be kicking off with the next episode of the fourth season now that Nia's first major plot has been resolved. But as seen with the third episode, Shido will have to be worrying about much more than the Spirits themselves as another major antagonist has made their move and is gathering all sorts of power. If you wanted to catch up with Date A Live's new season along with the three previous ones, you can now stream the episodes with Crunchyroll. They describe the new season as such: 

'With multiple Spirits now living with him, Shido's juggling act of giving ladies attention is never-ending. On top of that, more Spirits arrive for him to put the charm on. As he seals more and more, with his intentions unknown to them, will he be able to keep this up or will it lead to one big, giant spatial quake?' Directed by Jun Nakagawa for Geek Toys, the series stars Nobunaga Shimazaki as Shido Itsuka, Marina Inoue as Tohka Yatogami, Misuzu Togashi as Origami Tobiichi, Ayana Taketatsu as Kotori Itsuka, Iori Nomizu as Yoshino, Asami Sanada as Kurumi Tokisaki, Maaya Uchida as Kaguya Yamai, Sarah Emi Bridcutt as Yuzuru Yamai, Minori Chihara as Miku Izayoi, Ayumi Mano as Natsumi, and Hitomi Nabatame as Nia.

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