The bill bonus becomes retroactive

The bill bonus becomes retroactive

The bill bonus has been made retroactive, to compensate for any excess payments already made before having submitted the ISEE. This is foreseen by the new Aid decree approved by the Council of Ministers, aimed at reducing the price increases on energy products, caused by the persistence of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

What is the bill bonus How to recover the bonus What is the bill bonus? The bill bonus was activated on April 1st, for all citizens or families in conditions of economic or physical hardship, with an annual Isee of up to 12 thousand euros. This is an audience of approximately 5.2 million households, among the most negatively affected by the economic effects of the pandemic and the recent energy crisis.

The bonus is paid automatically, as a direct discount on the bill , without filling in any application. However, the automatic reduction can only take place after having presented the single substitute declaration certifying one's Isee. Thus, to avoid excluding from the aid the people who failed to deliver the self-declaration in time, the government decided to make the measure retroactive, to cover also the months in which the full amount was paid, despite the fact that was entitled to the discount, as soon as his ISEE is confirmed.

How to recover the bonus "For the purposes of the ISEE declarations - reads the text of the decree reported by the Sole 24 Ore - in the event of obtaining a certificate that allows the application of the electricity and gas social bonuses, any after payment, in the current year but on a date prior to obtaining the certification, of sums exceeding those due on the basis of the application of the bonus, it is subject to automatic compensation to be made in the immediately following bills ". While "in the event that the payment has not yet been made, the amount is re-determined with the application of the bonus".

Basically, if you have already paid some bills before submitting your certificate Isee - obtainable through the MyInps portal, using the pre-filled Isee service - once submitted, you will receive an additional discount, compared to the one already provided, on subsequent bills, in order to recover the previous bonus. If, on the other hand, no payment has yet been made, once you have presented your ISEE the bills will be paid with the discounted amount.