Steam Deck: Support has extended to many games

Steam Deck: Support has extended to many games

Steam Deck

The launch of Steam Deck, Valve's new hardware, was well received by audiences and critics alike. However, Gabe Newell and associates did not fall asleep on the success of the console, far from it. Work by the development team is continuing to improve the compatibility of games on new hardware. Jobs starting to bear fruit.

As reported by Kotaku, who directly cites other sources such as SteamDB, the number of games compatible with Steam Deck has increased dramatically. From the day of the launch to April 29, 2022, in fact, 900 titles have been added that are fully compatible with the new console. The total number of verified titles (i.e. 100% playable from start to finish, without bugs or technical problems) currently stands at 1,289, while for the executable ones (not without errors, technical or problems) they are 1,169 .

Valve will continue to work on the Steam Deck, but Gabe Newell and associates do not appear to be willing to return to the field of video game development. At the moment there are no plans to bring franchises like Left 4 Dead and Portal back to life, although (in some cases) there is also the desire of the original developers. Probably in the future of the company, at least in the short term, there seems to be only the focus on the hardware market. Will we ever be proved wrong by a new game or not?

Valve's Steam Deck now supports many more games

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(Pocket-lint) - When the Steam Deck first launched people were naturally curious about which games would run on the console. There were just 100 games that were playable at the time but that number has steadily climbed over the last few months. 

We wrote before about how to see which games will work on Steam Deck before you purchased, but it's worth knowing that that are now over 1,289 games that are said to be fully 'verified'. 

As we've shown, there are various ways to check which games from your library are deemed either 'verified', 'playable' or 'unsupported'. The easiest of these tools is naturally the official one where you can see at a glance which of your games sit in those categories. 

It's nice to be able to see these things at a glance though and Boiling Steam has created a nice graph to do just that.

According to that post, there are currently over 2,400 games deemed 'playable' on the handheld games console. More importantly, you can see a steep climb in the number of compatible games since the Steam Deck launched. 

This data was gathered from the SteamDB and it's also possible to see the running total of verified and playable games on Protondb as well.

The future is certainly looking bright for Steam Deck

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