Shell and ABB, Germany's fastest charging network in the world

Shell and ABB, Germany's fastest charging network in the world

Shell and ABB

Shell and ABB present a new charging station with power over 360 kW, dedicated toa> electric vehicles and charged in 15 minutes. The new infrastructure, the result of the important work carried out by the giant Shell and the Swiss company, was named ABB Terra 360.

Not surprisingly, the infrastructure is part of the electrification strategy launched by Shell with the goal of optimizing the charging infrastructures present all over the world. Specifically, the Dutch oil company aims to install 500,000 vehicle charging infrastructures by 2025, with the aim of reaching 2,500,000 points by 2030.

At Shell, we aim to be the leader in electric vehicle charging by offering our customers charging when and where it's convenient for them. For drivers who are on the move often, especially those on long journeys, charging speed is key and every minute of waiting can make a big difference to their journey. For fleet owners, speed is important for recharging electric vehicle fleets on the go during the day. That is why, through our partnership with ABB, we are delighted to offer our customers the fastest available charging first in Germany and soon in other markets, commented István Kapitány, Executive Vice President of Shell Mobility.| ); }
Let's not forget that the major oil giant Shell in recent months has signed an agreement with the Chinese company BYD with the aim of developing charging networks dedicated to electric vehicles; partnership will see the two companies working together in both Europe and China.

ABB & Shell build 360 kW charging network in Germany

ABB E-Mobility and Shell are planning to set up the first Germany-wide network with ABB’s Terra 360 fast charging station. More than 200 charging stations, each with a capacity of up to 360 kW, are to be put into operation over the next twelve months.

In September 2021, ABB introduced the Terra 360, capable of charging up to four vehicles simultaneously and notably is powerful enough to not only charge cars and vans, but also trucks. The first examples went into operation in Norway at the beginning of May.

When it was unveiled last year, ABB said the fast-charging station was particularly suited to petrol stations, shops and shopping centres, but could also be installed on commercial sites owned by businesses. Thanks to the high power level, the Terra 360 is also suitable for fleet operators of commercial vehicles. While the commissioning in Norway still took place at a shopping centre, among other places, this is now also happening at petrol stations.

Over the next twelve months, Shell plans to install 200 ABB Terra 360 charging columns at its own filling stations in Germany. The two companies have not yet revealed exactly which locations will be equipped with the new charges, but István Kapitány, Global Executive Vice President of Shell Mobility, revealed: “Through our partnership with ABB, we are pleased to offer our customers the fastest charging available first in Germany and soon in other markets.”

The new order comes as little surprise. Shell has also relied on ABB charging columns for some time. The Swiss-Swedish company also announced just last month that it had signed a new global framework agreement with Shell to supply its full portfolio of AC and DC charging stations. Shell reportedly intends to operate 500,000 charging points worldwide by 2025. By 2030, this number is to increase to 2.5 million. To achieve this goal, the mineral oil company needs one thing above all: a lot of charging stations.