Sale LAN, what is going on and what will happen?

Sale LAN, what is going on and what will happen?

Sale LAN

The closure of some LAN rooms was there for all to see. The fuss arose last Saturday, when the video where the Esport Palace in Bergamo announced the closure due to a kidnapping by the ADM began to circulate on social media. After a few days, however, the clarifications arrived from the ADM, with a press release reported by Agimeg, which clarified how many rooms had been controlled and above all on the situation of some sector fairs, such as Milan Games Week, which by now years they host test and entertainment stations, just like the aforementioned rooms.

Although ADM has tried to silence the alarm, deflating the controversy, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the future of LAN rooms . To clarify, our CEO, Andrea Ferrario aka Ferry, who had the opportunity to speak to the lawyer Giuseppe Croari tried. Croari is a lawyer of the Bologna Bar and an expert in information law and new technologies, as well as labor law, and manages the FC LEX law firm. The video is a long chat with the professional, which serves to clarify and try to summarize the last few days, certainly lively for the whole sector.

The interview, available in the video just below , touches on several topics: how the complaint works and what consequences it could have. In the video, Dr. Croari does not rule out that in the near future other LAN rooms may undergo the same treatment as the Esport Palace and also analyzes the regulatory hole never filled by the Italian state despite the fact that this sector has existed for over 10 years.| ); }

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