SaldaPress announces the new RamenBurger series

SaldaPress announces the new RamenBurger series

The SaldaPress publishing house surprisingly announces the birth of a new series entitled RamenBurger. This is a new comic series designed as a meeting point, both from a graphic and narrative point of view, between western and eastern comics. In fact, the publishing world has been looking carefully and with respect to oriental comics production for years and today more and more Western artists, in love with Japanese comics and its unique narrative characteristics, pay homage with their work to its most important masters. Let's find out what will be the first titles published in it.

SaldaPress: the new RamenBurger series

The new RamenBurger series will present a perfect fusion between the tastes and cultural references of the two most significant models current narratives, western and eastern, choosing works by western artists in which it is possible to grasp the influence of oriental comics and, specifically, that of manga.

As for the first titles that will be published, there will be Godzilla by James Stokoe, out on June 16, a classic clearly influenced by the Japanese school, proposed for the occasion in a new graphic design entirely in black and white and in manga format.

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We then have Volt, written and drawn by Stefano “TheSparker” Conte, a series that looks at the humorous Japanese comic in which drawings and narration often play on references to the world of manga. Extremity by Daniel Warren Johnson will follow, who paid homage to the great Japanese masters his inimitable stylistic signature and finally the new Bikini Armors by Bigio and Maeb will be released, an action fantasy in which the characters, settings and history refer to and pay homage to oriental iconographic imagery.