Rainbow Six Siege: here is Year 7 Season 2, date and details

Rainbow Six Siege: here is Year 7 Season 2, date and details

Rainbow Six Siege

In these hours Ubisoft has decided to present Operation Vector Glare, the second season of year 7 of Rainbow Six Siege, arriving on June 7th. This season features a host of new content such as: Sens, a new Belgian Operator, a new Team Deathmatch map, Phase 1 of the new Reputation System, Privacy Mode, other updates, a narrative change and other gameplay improvements. br>

Rainbow Six Siege Sens is a Belgian Tactical Operator with military experience and training in Psychology. The R.O.U. Projector System is a tool that introduces a wheel that travels in a straight line and releases small projectors that self-destruct after a set period of time. In addition to Sens, there will be a new exclusive map for Team Deathmatch at the launch of the season. Set in Greece, Close Quarter is the first map that focuses on movement rather than building defenses.

Additionally, Ubisoft will partner with SEGA to create two exclusive Rainbow Six Siege skins for the Yakuza franchise. A Kaoru Sayama-inspired bundle will be available for Hibana and a Kiryu Kazuma-inspired bundle for Echo. Also, a new elite skin for Echo is coming soon, inspired by another iconic character from the Yakuza games.

Rainbow Six Siege will be getting Yakuza crossover DLC this week

Ubisoft has unveiled a collaboration with Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio to release some Yakuza themed skins for Rainbow Six Siege.

The Yakuza bundle will be available from May 24 and include new cosmetic sets for operators Echo and Hibana. These outfits will transform them into series mainstay Kazuma Kiryu and Yakuza 2‘s Kaoru Sayama, respectively. The trailer also teases a third silhouette with looks to be Goro Majima, but is keeping details on when he’ll appear under wraps for now.

The announcement of the pack came amidst a bunch of reveals for the latest season of Rainbow Six Siege. The shooter is now in the second season of its seventh year, which will kick off proper on June 7. Operation Victor Glare will introduce the latest Operator to the game: Belgium’s own Sens.

Sens’ shtick is that he’s got a special projector system that can create opaque light walls. These will block the defender’s vision, making it much harder to see the attacking team’s assault. He’s also packing a new POF-9 Assault Rifle, which you’ll be able to try on the new Shooting Range being added to the game in this update. The range also forms the basis of this season’s new map: Close Quarter.

You can check out trailers for both Sens and the new Rainbow Six Siege & Yakuza crossover below. The latter arrives on May 24, while Operation Victor Glare will launch on the test server on PC on the same day. It’ll then have a full launch on all formats in Rainbow Six Siege on June 7.

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01 December 2015