PS2: the loading screen hides a valuable detail

PS2: the loading screen hides a valuable detail


Although more than twenty years have passed since the release of PS2, there are still many details and curiosities that emerge. Just recently, some researchers from The Cutting Room Floor community managed to unveil a little easter egg about booting the console, one of the most famous of all.

Let's go in order: if you were lucky enough to own a PS2, you will surely remember the boot screen and the iconic towers. According to the findings of The Cutting Floor, those towers are simply the number of games one has had a chance to play. The data is read from the Memory Card and it is this simple trick that allows you to load a number of different towers. Clearly there is a limit to the number of objects that can be displayed on the boot screen and it is for this reason that once reached, the system will eliminate those that refer to less-player titles. All this is not linked to the Memory Card saves: even if deleted, the system will still have recorded those games. To clean the screen from the towers it is necessary to completely remove the Memory Card or insert a completely clean new one.| ); }
PS2 will soon be 22 years old. The Sony console is globally recognized as one of the most successful platforms ever. On the console, great sagas were born that still survive today, such as Ratchet & Clank, God of War, Kingdom Hearts and many others. Continue to follow geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

PS2's startup screen Easter egg is surprising players all over again

PS2 startup screen © Provided by GamesRadar PS2 startup screen

Gaming fans who were in the hobby in the early 2000s are having their mind blown now that an Easter egg from the PS2 startup screen is making the rounds on social media.

If you remember the PS2 boot screen from back in the day (or you're an old-school type who still keeps old consoles at the ready), you might recall that a number of towers appear under the 'Sony Computer Entertainment' text when you start the console. The number of those towers is determined by how many games you've played, and their height is determined by how much you've played of them.

That fact just went viral thanks to a tweet from KirbyCheatFurby (via GameSpot), but there's been some confusion over exactly how the size and number of towers ties to the games you've played. A popular Did You Know Gaming? video from 2014 said the towers were generated 'according to the number of save files and the size of each file' on your memory card, but that's not entirely accurate.

According to community researchers at The Cutting Room Floor, a wiki 'dedicated to unearthing and researching unused and cut content from video games,' the towers actually appear based on each game you've booted, and increase in size based on the number of times you've started a given title. Only a certain number of towers can be displayed, however, and the towers representing the games you've gone the longest without playing will start disappearing once you hit the limit.

That data is stored in a file on your memory card, but it has nothing to do with the game saves on that card. You can delete all your saves without seeing a change in the number of towers, but putting a fresh memory card in the system will present you with a clean, tower-free boot.

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