NVIDIA "steals" a key figure from Intel for its future ARM projects

NVIDIA steals a key figure from Intel for its future ARM projects

It is certainly not strange that a company tries to put the "talents" of other companies under its protective wing. We've seen this happen multiple times in the past, and recently NVIDIA made a splash again, hiring Rafi Marom, Intel's design manager at its facilities in Israel and one of the key figures behind the success of the Tiger Lake line of processors, such as Senior CPU Director for its future ARM-based products.

Photo Credit: NVIDIA As you surely already know, NVIDIA's direct acquisition of ARM did not materialize due to regulatory bodies, but the Californian company still intends to continue developing new ARM solutions. In fact, at the end of March the company officially unveiled its 144-core Grace CPU Superchip, consisting of two 72-core chips connected together via NVLink-C2C, providing a consistent 900 GB / s connection that merges them into one. single 144 core unit. In addition, the Superchip, based on ARM v9 Neoverse, supports Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE), SIMD instructions that increase performance and work similar to AVX.| ); }

Nvidia RTX 40 Ada Lovelace In a recent interview with TechCheck, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said the lack of chip manufacturing tools will not meet the high demand, dragging the chip shortage for a couple more years, at least. until 2024. For further details on the subject, we advise you to read our previous dedicated news.