New tests on the way for automatic emergency braking

New tests on the way for automatic emergency braking

In recent years the automotive industry has begun to spread a very important safety technology, now present on a very good part of the new cars produced: it is called AEB, Autonomous Emergency Braking, and it is the system that allows the car to brake automatically in case of imminent collision.

The European Union has evaluated the importance of the AEB system and has decided, for some years now, to make it mandatory on all cars produced from 2022 onwards, so in the coming years the automatic emergency braking system will become a function common to all cars, like seat belts and airbags.

In the United States, however, there are those who wonder about the current validity of safety tests that allow cars to receive the certifications often heard in car advertisements, such as the famous 5-star EuroNCAP: today about 85% of the cars tested by the IIHS, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, obtain the the highest marks for the AEB system, therefore there is a need to review the test methodology to better differentiate the results and draw up a ranking of the cars that best apply the automatic emergency braking system.

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For this reason the IIHS has decided to start testing AEB systems more severely, and will initially do so on 6 cars. at a speed of 72 km / h. In this way it will be possible to better test the behavior of the car in the event of sudden braking, and it will be easier to differentiate the cars based on the result obtained during the test.

The spread of systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking it is very important to have safer roads for all, and the decision of the European Union to make the system mandatory will allow us to proceed much faster towards this result.