My Hero Academia: announced two new original souls

My Hero Academia: announced two new original souls

My Hero Academia

Through the advances that emerged online about the issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, available for purchase in Japan and online stores on May 9, Shueisha will announce two new original anime (OVA) of My Hero Academia, inspired by the manga of the same name written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi and published in Italy for Star Comics.

The first OVA will focus on a baseball team founded by heroes and will be released in Japanese cinemas by mid-June 2022 before reaching everywhere during the upcoming summer season.

The details of the second are still unknown.

We remind you that, again with an anime theme, in October 2022 Season 6 is expected, the first episode of which is will be broadcast on July 24, 2022 behind closed doors on the occasion of Hero Fes.2022, a special My Hero Academia themed event.

My Hero Academia: manga and anime

| ); } My Hero Academia is made up of five seasons of which the first four are available for free streaming on the VVVVID platform, while the fifth only on Crunchyroll. The first four seasons and the OAVs were broadcast unencrypted by Mediaset networks, obviously dubbed in Italian, between 2018 and 2021. You can recover the series on home video thanks to Dynit which created 3 blu-ray boxes for the first two seasons , also with Italian audio, My Hero Academia Season 1, My Hero Academia Season 2 - Box 1 and My Hero Academia Season 2 - Box 2.

From March 2021 to September 2021 Season 5 was broadcast in simulcast on Crunchyroll also in our country and in Autumn 2022 Season 6 will start. Three films are also linked to the anime series: Two Heroes, HEROES RISING and World Heroes' Mission (in Italy distributed in cinemas for Dynit).

The anime is based on the manga of the same name written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi, which is still being published. The manga is published in Italy by Star Comics which has published 31 volumes so far (don't miss it here on Amazon).

In a world where being superheroes is the norm, being born without particular powers is equivalent to a real e own misfortune. Izuku Midoriya will have to go all out to get a superpower, and despite the feat it seems impossible that anyone will end up noticing his abilities.

My Hero Academia Reveals Close-Up of All For One's New Look

My Hero Academia has given Shonen fans one of the greatest anime villains of all time in All For One, the nefarious antagonist that is seeking to create a world wherein the strong rule over the weak based on their respective superpowers. Now, with Kohei Horikoshi wrapping the series and bringing the story of Deku and his friends at UA Academy to a close, the Shonen franchise is giving fans a close-up look at All For One's new look.

In a way, All For One was one of the major players that started the story of Quirks and the heroes and villains that hold them in the current events of My Hero Academia, creating the power known as One For All that Deku currently wields. While All For One was defeated by All Might during the third season of the anime adaptation, his defeat enacted a heavy toll in which Toshinori pretty much lost his ability to wield One For All and was forced into retirement from patrolling the streets as the Symbol of Peace. With All For One managing to copy his power and grant it to his heir Shigaraki, the series is looking to bring things to an end with a bang.

Reddit User Living By A Willow shared this new promotion from My Hero Academia, giving fans a close look, in color, look at All For One's new look, which is most likely formed as a result of his previous loss against All Might wherein his helmet was blasted away thanks in part to the power of One For All:

Official Coloring For A Certain Character’s New Outfit in Giga Jump from BokuNoHeroAcademia

In this final arc, Deku is currently attempting to make his way back to Shigaraki, having been taken from the battle by Toga. With the professional heroes each having their own unique challenges to handle in this last battle, it is yet to be seen who will be taking on All For One directly. Of course, many fans are rightfully predicting that All Might might be able to come out of retirement for one last fight against his eternal rival. 

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