Mini, stop the production of cars with manual gearbox

Mini, stop the production of cars with manual gearbox


The automotive market is in a moment of great ferment, with all the manufacturers engaged in profound renewals of the catalog; among these is Mini, which is working hard on the development of the new generation models, including a 3-door model and a crossover version of the Countryman.

While developing these new Mini models, it is still busy in the production of the current ones, and to simplify these last months of production, a drastic decision was taken: to stop the production of Mini with manual gearbox, also due to the difficulty in procuring the components necessary for assembly.

Mini wants to ensure maximum stability in production, especially since at the moment the demand for the small cars of the BMW brand is very high: according to what was released by Autocar, Mini would have made this decision worldwide, but it is not clear for now. whether it is a final or temporary decision, caused by the complicated situation for manufacturing - especially due to the semiconductor crisis and to war in Ukraine.

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At this point it becomes very interesting to understand what will become of the future of Mini, to understand if a manual gearbox will also be offered in the next generation Minis, but at the moment it is easier for the restrictions on the automatic gearbox to be repeated as well on the new Countryman.

In the future of Mini there is also a 100% electric version, an entry level with a 40 kWh battery with about 300 km of autonomy, and a more powerful one, with a 50 kWh battery ( about 400 km of autonomy) and an electric motor with more than 200 horsepower.

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