Mercedes will develop thermal cars on electric platforms

Mercedes will develop thermal cars on electric platforms

The advent of electric mobility is bringing about great changes to the automotive industry, which for the first time in many years finds itself having to revolutionize its cars on a technical level, redesigning the platforms on which they are based so as to marry better with batteries. lithium-ion and electric motors. From this point of view, Mercedes-Benz is already demonstrating excellent design skills, so much so that very soon the company will start designing its own powertrains.

Mercedes-Benz has recently amazed everyone, managing to drive more of 1000 km with a single charge on board the EQXX concept, but also the proposals already on the market have shown excellent capabilities in terms of autonomy; for these reasons it is not surprising to find that in the future Mercedes-Benz will adapt its electric car platforms to internal combustion cars, instead of doing the opposite as it still does today.

"The platform will be designed for electric cars but it will not be exclusive to electric cars, and this time the compromise will be towards thermal engines, not electric ones."

Mercedes-Benz's MMA platform will debut in 2024 on a model comparable to the current A-Class.

Mercedes-Benz is not the only one to have thought of this approach, and BMW too should propose something similar in the future: the Neue Klasse platform, expected in 2025, will in fact be able to give life to vehicles driven by thermal engines, as well as electric ones.

Given the great variety of regulations and bans around the world, having a platform capable of adapting to different types of power supply will be essential to work in an agile way.