Lamborghini switches to electric, the new Urus will run on batteries

Lamborghini switches to electric, the new Urus will run on batteries

Lamborghini switches to electric

In the world of SUVs, Lamborghini Urus is one of the most extreme specimens ever, at least until the Ferrari Purosangue with the much-discussed 600-horsepower V12 is available. Urus is not only fast shooting from a standstill, but it is also extremely dynamic. With the growth of electrification, it is inevitable that Lamborghini will succeed in transforming this model as well, making it "closer to the environment".

The company's head of design, Mitja Borkert, recently told the Australian publication Drive that "[Electric vehicles are] the future, we have to decide when, in which market and in which segments it makes sense to exist" . Bonkert added: "Our interpretation is that probably the most versatile and everyday cars like the Urus will be the first to be fully electrified compared to pure super [sports] cars." In a subsequent note he then specified that the Urus will not immediately become electric, but that it is probably one of the cars that best fits this kind of power supply.

Many enthusiasts will surely be struck by the loss of the ICE version of the Urus, but considering the type of use and the sales numbers recorded by Lamborghini, we understand why the brand wishes to electrify it in the short term. In the coming months, the Urus Evo will make its debut, a renewed version that will position itself in the same segment as the Purosangue V12 and DBX 707; only later could we witness the arrival of the battery-powered model that will fit in the immediate vicinity of Tesla Model X Plaid.

ICE nostalgics will be pleased to know that Lamborghini is not done with combustion engines yet; for now the brand remains committed to the V12 engine, but it is reasonable to wait for it to arrive in the form of some hybridization. Strange tests with competing cars such as Porsche Taycan and Ferrari SF90 have been spotted recently at Lamborghini, so it is to be expected that Lamborghini intends to introduce a more hybrid version of its mammoth engine. | ); }

Lamborghini will create an electric Urus, but probably not in this decade

Lamborghini Urus | Photo: Lamborghini

  • Lamborghini believes Urus is the best candidate in its power supply line
  • The brand intends to sell combustion engines as long as it can do so legally
  • The next Russia is scheduled for 2028
  • Lamborghini hinted at the possibility of developing an electric Urus, but quickly clarified that this was about to happen.

    The Italian carmaker recently revealed that the possibility of an electric car having its own logo is real, but EV operators should not give up their checkbook for now.

    Indeed, while acknowledging the growing popularity of electric cars and changing the social perception of gasoline-powered vehicles, the brand said it was still committed to selling combustion engines for as long as it could legally.

    Lamborghini said that Urus will soon be an EV, but that will not be done in the current fashion and perhaps even with its successor, which is not planned for 2028.

    It is unlikely that another electric Lamborghini will be submitted in advance, as the brand believes that Urus is the best candidate for electricity in its range.

    Indeed, the great cars made by Lamborghini are a very sensible product and buyers have incorporated the sounds and feel of the V10 engine and the experience they expect from the brand. Replacing it with an electric train means that cars will lose their appeal to current buyers.

    However, the brand is confident that future buyers will have different priorities and perspectives, which will facilitate the electronic transition to its more models.

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