Intel Arc Alchemist postponed to summer, it's official

Intel Arc Alchemist postponed to summer, it's official

Intel Arc Alchemist postponed to summer

Intel confirms the delays on the launch of the Arc Alchemist desktop GPUs we anticipated in our previous article. Through Lisa Pearce, head of the Visual Compute Group, the company explained in a new press release posted on the blog, that the launch will initially be limited to only one region, in a similar way to what has already happened with the range of GPUs intended for laptops. .

Specifically, Intel announces that the low-end Arc Alchemist A3 desktop models will initially only be sold in the Chinese market and later globally, the A5 and A7 mid-range and high-end cards will instead be available everywhere by the end of the summer. However, the company will prioritize OEM partners in both cases, later making the GPUs available for retail at a date yet to be announced. However, it is too late to try to compete with the competition, already projected in the launch of the next generation Nvidia RTX 4000 and AMD Radeon RX 7000 GPUs.

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Intel is in the meantime also at I work on Alder Lake-HX, a range of new high-end CPUs dedicated to laptops. These are desktop versions adapted to BGA sockets, which include up to a maximum of 16 cores. You can learn more about the details in our dedicated article.

Intel Arc Alchemist delayed AGAIN, drivers blamed: mid-summer release

Intel has had a troubled time getting its Arc Alchemist GPU out the door, with delay after delay, and now yet another delay that is reportedly pushing out Arc Alchemist desktop GPUs into mid-summer.

In a new post, Igor from Igor's Lab explained: 'various sources told me (some of them quite annoyed), the release of the already so often announced Alchemist desktop graphics cards could be postponed even further towards late summer. A somewhat vague period is mentioned here, which extends from July 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022. Why one is then already more than half a year behind schedule can of course also be speculated creatively'.

The launch has been a mess so far, and doesn't give confidence whatsoever. But in Intel's defence: you can't just build, and easily launch an entire family of graphics cards and then keep up with the two very established GPU companies (NVIDIA and AMD) in a single year, or even a few.

Intel's biggest hurdle was always going to be drivers and software, it's always been that way... hell, the Intel i740 sure as hell wasn't perfect... and I owned one back in the 90s.