Hajime Isayama (Attack of the Giants) draws Spy x Family

Hajime Isayama (Attack of the Giants) draws Spy x Family

On the occasion of the Japanese publication of the first fanbook dedicated to Spy x Family, the manga by Tatsuya Endo, the author of The Attack of the Giants, Hajime Isayama, has created his own themed tribute illustration to celebrate the work of one of his former production assistants of the best-seller.

As a sort of handover, Endo's work is enjoying success, especially in recent weeks with the debut of the animated series (April 9) produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks which, as of April 28, has multiplied by 17 million the printed copies (after 3 episodes).

Hajime Isayama drew a new illustration of SPY × FAMILY and he dedicated a message to Tatsuya Endō :

"Endō-san has been an assistant for so long that when I first read about him I was so impressed with his ability that I couldn't help but say" What have you been doing, Endō-san ? " »Pic.twitter.com/gbXvwkaeaR

- Attack On Fans (@AttackOnFans) April 27, 2022

When I first read my historian's project assistant, the master Endo, I was amazed by his skill. I was so bad that I asked him what he was doing up to that point !?

We specify that the anime series is available for viewing in Italy on Crunchyroll with subtitles.

Spy x Family: the manga and the anime

The series is released all over the world, simultaneously with the publication of the chapters in Japan, in English on the official Manga Plus application, while in Italy it is published by the house Planet Manga publisher (we invite you to find the first issue here on Amazon) which describes the series as follows:

Codename: Twilight. She can change her face in a second. You can thwart the launch of a missile just before the irreparable. You can accomplish impossible feats. But nothing prepared him for the next mission: to find a wife (and son!) In a week ...

The anime adaptation produced by Wit Studio and CloverWorks has been underway since 9 April. In Italy it is available through Crunchyroll with subtitles.