Gotham Knights: 13 minutes of gameplay, canceled PS4 and Xbox One versions

Gotham Knights: 13 minutes of gameplay, canceled PS4 and Xbox One versions

Gotham Knights

As already widely pre-announced yesterday, Gotham Knights is finally back to be seen. Warner Bros. Games has been speaking, revealing 13 minutes of completely new gameplay for the game. This time the movie focuses on two well known characters of DC fans, namely Nightwing (known by the Italian name of Sparrowhawk) and Red Hood (known in our language as Red Hood).

The video, released today on Gotham Knights' social channels, is decidedly long and reveals some gameplay sessions that we will be able to experience as we pursue the goal of keeping Gotham City clean. The video shows some clashes, which are defined as real mini games, as well as the various fighting styles of the two characters. From the movie we discover how the two characters have unique skills and peculiarities, which obviously will give their best by ringing a series of combos that will trigger some very useful skills to take down enemies.| ); }
As for the release date, we remind you that Gotham Knights will be available starting October 25, 2022. Keep following geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

Gotham Knights Canceled on PS4, Xbox One, Gets New Nightwing/Red Hood Gameplay

WB Games Montreal has released a new 13-minute gameplay video of Gotham Knights, highlighting the unique play styles of Nightwing and Red Hood. Nightwing uses an assortment of acrobatic moves with lots of flips, whereas Red Hood primarily uses his guns, which seem to have auto lock-on capabilities. Meanwhile, WB Games Montreal has also quietly noted that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights are canceled, and it will now only release on PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam and Epic Game Store. The only reason for the cancellation is that the developers want to “provide players with the best possible gameplay experience.”

Concerns about performance may be well founded, since the Gotham Knights gameplay video shows some frame rate dips in places, such as when Red Hood is battling a Talon boss. Some observers are also worried that the combat may be a bit too heavy and slow compared to what players are used to in, for example, the Arkham games. However, the latter may come down to a matter of taste, while with the former, there are some people (me) who don’t notice a wonky frame rate in the first place.

Gotham Knights is looking like a solid two player co-op action RPG, and the environments and draw distance are quite beautiful — apparently too beautiful for PS4 and Xbox One to handle. The game will launch on October 25, 2022.