Ferrari bans Justin Bieber, the blue 458 is not liked

Ferrari bans Justin Bieber, the blue 458 is not liked

Ferrari bans Justin Bieber

The list of celebrities banned from buying a new Ferrari is getting longer, and from today it also includes the famous Canadian pop star Justin Bieber: the American singer would be guilty of breaking the Maranello-based company's code of ethics for how he treated his Ferrari 458 purchased in 2015.

Since 2015, when Bieber bought the 458 in question, there would have been some unpleasant incidents like the one that occurred when Justin forgot the place where he had parked the car, forcing his staff on a treasure hunt, which fortunately ended with the discovery of the car. Recently, however, the Canadian pop star would have had the 458 developed by West Coast Customs, changing the color of the car to an electric blue, and directly contravening the clauses that Ferrari imposes during the purchase phase; to make the situation even worse, Bieber has decided to put the car up for auction, infuriating Ferrari which has now decided to ban it permanently, preventing him from buying a new Ferrari in the future.

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Sometimes being a millionaire and world famous is not enough to escape the rules, especially if the one who imposed them is a historic brand like Ferrari.

Justin Bieber Banned by Ferrari From Purchasing Its Cars

There’s no shortage of stories regarding Ferrari making it difficult for people to buy its iconic cars. Additionally, there’s been plenty of celebrity run-ins with the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer. Perhaps most iconic is the company’s cease and desist letter sent to world-famous DJ and electronic music producer Deadmau5 for parody logos on his nyancat-themed 458. This, though, likely sits just as high in the unbelievable things Ferrari did list. Justin Bieber is no longer allowed to purchase Ferrari vehicles.

Ferrari says that Bieber’s antics and behavior are the cause of the ban

Justin Bieber getting into the driver seat of his matte red Ferrari 458 at West Coast Customs in LA

Justin Bieber and his red Ferrari 458 | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

According to Marca, Ferrari decided to ban Bieber from purchasing new cars because of his behavior. While certain things may come to mind regarding Bieber’s behavior because of numerous PR disasters throughout his coming of age, rest assured, the details Ferrari cites are pretty petty! Then again, that’s right on par with typical Ferrari corporate behavior.

As the world knows, Ferrari does not like when you change its cars. So, Bieber’s numerous widebody and wrap modifications don’t sit well with the suits at the prancing horse. Funny enough, though, this isn’t the primary reason for the ban.

So, what did he do? Did he hit another paparazzo with a Ferrari? Maybe he totaled a rare Ferrari? Did he get a DUI behind the wheel of his matte red 458? Nope! He parked his car, left it there for two weeks, and then forgot where it was. How dare he?

According to Marca, this was the final straw that broke the Italian horse’s back. While it may be an egregious display of wealth and perhaps a bit reckless, the guy has to be pretty busy. Plus, he probably has a million cars. There’s a lot one could say Justin Bieber has done wrong in his past. However, the punishment really doesn’t seem fit for the “crime” here.

Perhaps, like Deadmau5, Bieber will start throwing his money at Lamborghini and McLaren instead.

Justin Bieber isn’t the only celebrity to have problems with Ferrari

Justin Bieber spotted driving his matte red Ferrari 458 in Hollywood

Bieber’s matte red 458 | Pixplus/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Ferrari is notorious for making it difficult to buy cars. To get higher-end Ferrari models, you have to have already owned different ones. For example, when Ferrari launched the LaFerrari, one had to own north of $10 million in other rare Ferraris like the F40, 288 GTO, and Enzo to be considered eligible for purchasing a LaFerrari. Jay Leno once likened Ferrari’s customer service to a dominatrix.

Of course, Ferrari can only stop Bieber from purchasing brand new cars. He can still buy them used as much as he likes. Though, it wouldn’t be unlike Ferrari to go after whoever sells him a used car.

Now would be an excellent time to really flex that wealth and stick it to Ferrari. Do something like buy an iconic Ferrari like the Enzo or F40 and modify it into oblivion.

Ultimately, this is one of those stories where the headline is a bit of a letdown. You go into it expecting a juicy celebrity story, and all you get is Ferrari being Ferrari as usual. For celebrities actually getting a little crazy behind the wheel, keep scrolling to read about celebrity speeding tickets!

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