Elden Ring: A fan created a class guide based on recommended equipment

Elden Ring: A fan created a class guide based on recommended equipment

Elden Ring

A fan has created an Elden Ring guide that could be really useful to novices and not only, because it is divided into classes and with the best equipment for each of them indicated. It is a work done really well and also pleasant from the graphic point of view, so much so that we would not see it badly in an official guide.

As you can see from the post on Reddit where it is the guide has been published, it basically consists of ten cards that indicate one of the possible growth paths of the individual classes, indicating the equipment considered best for them.

is a quick read, which gives a good idea of ​​what awaits us by making a character grow and helps to direct us towards the search for the most suitable equipment, which theoretically magnifies its characteristics in combat.

The guide really lists everything you need, from Talismans to weapons, through Armor and Tears. In short, it can certainly help, so make good use of it.

Before leaving, we remind you that Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S.

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‘Elden Ring’ Easy Mode Part 2: Onto An Unstoppable Magic Mid-Game Build

Elden Ring


As I continue my very late journey through Elden Ring here, I figured I would post an update about how things are going with my magic-based build, which I’m told will start to fall apart a bit as time goes on, even if it’s a solid option at the start.

Well, not yet, at least.

Where am I? I have beaten Radahn and cleared most of Caelid and the Atlas Plateau, and my main objective now is to go through the Capital City. I am level 95 with 40 Vigor, 55 Int, 28 Mind and not much in anything else. I usually kill enough enemies/bosses to get close to a new level (currently about 50K runes per level) and then go to Caelid and kill a pack of mutant dogs for about 12K runs a run to finish out levels so I don’t end up losing huge chunks of runes in combat.

My magic build has served me well and I currently have not found any bosses I cannot beat yet, including ones that I am theoretically fighting too soon, because if they do hit me, they two shot me, and when they die they give me like 100K runes.

So, what are the staples of my build now? Some things have changed, some things haven’t.




Meteorite Staff – Still using this most of the time, given the incredible INT scaling it gives on everything, plus its boost for Gravity spells

Carian Glintblade Staff – I found this in a tower in Liurnia somewhere and this has a specific buff to Glintblade magic, which I use in specific situation for one spell right now. Took it to +8 for the moment.

Beast Crest Heater Shield – Look I just like having a shield. At 10 strength I don’t have many options, but I can panic block melee or ranged attacks if I need to.


Rock Throw – Yes, still using Rock Throw. Not 100% of the time anymore. It’s not amazing for rank and file enemies, but certain bosses it’s good for and breaks poise all the time. Depends on the boss, but yes, I still use it a lot.

Comet – Found inside Raya Lucia, this has become my Pebble/Great Glintstone Shard replacement with big damage (for more mana), that also pierces enemies. It’s also great against most bosses and doesn’t lock you in place while casting like Rock Throw does.

Magic Glintblade – This allows you to place suspended blades in the air that will shoot off after a short time. You can stack them before bosses even start to get aggro, and it’s a great kiting spell, especially on horseback, especially with the Glintblade Staff for better damage.

Carian Slicer – More or less just using this to mulch through lower level enemies because it’s a little to risky on the big guns, and certainly not on bosses.




Godskin Apostle Set – This is the boss at the bottom of the Caelid Tower that I was not supposed to beat with my current power, I don’t think. This doesn’t have great physical reduction but it is good against magic/elements. You’d probably change to something heavier depending on the boss.


Crimson Amber Medallion – For some reason still using this one I started with for more HP

Viridian Amber Medallion +1 – Found an upgraded version of this for more stamina which helps with casting.

Spelldrake Talisman – This reduces magic damage which is how I got through Raya Lucia, but I’ve found it to be pretty useful. I swap this slot for other types of damage reduction depending on what I’m fighting.


Five Crimson Flasks

Seven Cerulean Flasks

Physick Mix

Magic Shrouding Cracked Tear – Boost magic damage, take this before every fight

Opaline Bubbletear – Essentially negates the first hit you take from a boss.


Skeletal Militiamen – Still using these guys. Bosses do not have the IQ to permanently kill them on purpose, so they just keep resurrecting and taking boss aggro for me as I pelt them with spells. I just hit the point in the story where I can get Mimic Tear so that’s probably next.

This is my build. I’m a glass cannon, but I also have not found anything that can beat me yet for more than a few tries, especially if my skeletons stay alive. I know there’s more to find, but this is working well for now, and I’m still having a blast, especially now that I don’t have to only use Pebble anymore.

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