Apple, Google and Microsoft agree on a password-less future

Apple, Google and Microsoft agree on a password-less future


The three most important giants in the tech world - Apple, Google and Microsoft - are working towards a future in which passwords will no longer exist. 2023 will be a crucial year for this epochal transition in the IT world, which aims to eliminate the increasingly less secure password practice in favor of a more uniform technology with less human intervention as the one proposed by the Fido Alliance. Here's how it will work and why it will offer so much more security than current methods.

Tech giants have long been looking for an effective and easy-to-use workaround to eliminate the old password practice, in a current world that he still uses laughable keywords such as "123456" in the private and business fields. Yesterday 5 May the special day of Password Day was celebrated and Apple, Google and Microsoft took the opportunity to tell how the IT world will change when it switches to the Fido Alliance standard (where Fido stands for Fast IDentiy Online). How can access to a digital user be protected if passwords are deleted?

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The short answer is that you change your approach, avoiding complex procedures such as two-factor authentication that are different for each site and will no longer rely on inadequate keywords chosen by the user. For the longer answer, Fido relies on a security standard for encrypted and anonymous logins based on the combination of two security keys: when you first log into a portal, site, service, app, etc. .. the two keys are generated on the device, with the first being the private one that is stored on the device itself, while the second is public and is registered in the service database. For subsequent accesses, the service will recognize the device by activating the public key and will ask the user for the private one which can be, for example, a biometric recognition (fingerprint, face, etc ...), a voice command, pressing a key, connecting with a wearable, from token or pc or one of the other available actions.

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The advantages over the normal password, which is (or, better, should be) different for each individual user is that the double factor access passes from the security of the registered device (usually, the smartphone, but also the PC) to the public key and limits human action to the action required for the private key. A unique, uniform and simple procedure that greatly limits the action of cybercriminals. In fact, if the private key were stolen, it would still be necessary to switch from the registered device to the public one and if, for example, the smartphone was stolen or lost, one would switch from a restore from the cloud. Of course it is impossible to eliminate the risks 100%, but with the Fido standard the level of safety and comfort is much higher.

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