Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on Tesla, it can be done: here's how

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on Tesla, it can be done: here's how

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on Tesla, it can be done

In recent years, software such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have become widespread, allowing us to reproduce, at least in part, the functionality of our smartphones using the display integrated in the cars, but not everyone agrees with this type of software: Tesla is the most culprit from this point of view, since to date it still does not allow the use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

The reason is very simple: Tesla has a single display and a very operating system feature-rich, and the company wants to entice its customers to use it, rather than relying on the Google or Apple system that would take over Tesla's. But in the modern era we live in, especially when it comes to computer systems, if there is a stake you can be sure that there will also be those who will do everything to get around it, and this is how a way has been found to force the using Android Auto on the Tesla central display, you only need a couple of Raspberry Pi and some software, and you can modify the system by following a simple guide.

For those who do not have the desire or the way to modify their car - a perfectly acceptable approach, in my opinion - there are aftermarket devices that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offered by famous brands and recognized in the car radio market such as Sony and Pioneer, with the possibility of completely replacing the infotainment system of your car, or adding one compatible with the latest software.

Want Apple CarPlay in your Tesla? You'll need Android for that.


  • The Tesla Android Project brings Apple CarPlay to Teslas.
  • The project is currently available as a public alpha.
  • In a twist of irony, the solution requires Android to work.
  • An enterprising individual has figured out how to add Apple CarPlay to a Tesla car, but the hack requires Android to make it work.

    Tesla is one of the few major automakers not to support Apple’s CarPlay. If you’re determined to have it, however, it is technically possible. One Michał Gapiński has managed to hack CarPlay onto a Tesla using two Raspberry Pi machines, with one of them running Android.

    According to its website, the Tesla Android Project has reached public alpha status. The system requires a Raspberry Pi 4 running Android, as well as a Raspberry Pi 3 running Linux. Once configured, Tesla’s built-in web browser connects to the Pi’s Wi-Fi and accesses the Android interface. Once connected, however, you can run either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

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    In a video Gapiński posted in February, there’s obviously still much to do before Tesla Android becomes a viable option. Even Gapiński acknowledges the entire setup process needs to be a lot easier than it currently is.

    “Right now the focus is starting to shift towards better integration and simplification,” he writes. “Dropping the two boards requirement will help in reducing both cost and entry barrier by reducing the install guide to something that can be done in a matter of minutes.”

    Whatever the future holds for the project, it’s more than a little ironic that Android is required to run Apple’s CarPlay.