UnipolMove challenges Telepass; toll payment and Area C

UnipolMove challenges Telepass; toll payment and Area C

UnipolMove challenges Telepass

After years of undisturbed activity on the Italian motorways, today a Telepass competitor is born: it is called UnipolMove and was created by UnipolTech on behalf of UnipolSai, the Italian insurance company based in Bologna.

UnipolMove replies in all respects for all the Telepass functions: the small black cube to be placed in the car uses transponder technology to exchange information with motorway toll booths and allow toll payment without stopping, just like the famous competitor.

Open a contract with UnipolMove is simple, just order the device through the official website and, once received at home, complete the activation through the application or website, entering your personal area.

UnipolMove allows you to pay for motorway toll booths throughout Italy, but also allows you to pay for Area C in Milan, paid parking with blue stripes, postal bills, fines and even car tax. In addition, it offers various discounts for services connected to the UnipolSai world, such as discounts at affiliated medical facilities, discounts at Gruppo UNA hotels, and even discounts on long-term rental from UnipolRental.

Now that Telepass is no longer the only reality operating on the motorways will be interesting to understand how the two offers will evolve - as is often said, competition is good for the market and the hope is as always that the final consumer will benefit from it.