The electric DeLorean will be unveiled on August 18

The electric DeLorean will be unveiled on August 18

Although the company remained in business only a few years, between 1975 and 1982, almost everyone knows the name DeLorean, which became famous thanks to the cult film of 1985, Back to the Future; today the DeLorean brand is back to being talked about thanks to a new owner, which has just announced the date on which it will present the DeLorean of the new millennium, in a new 100% electric guise.

The fateful date is on August 18, the location is Pebble Beach, California. On that occasion the DeLorean Motor Company will unveil the fruit of its work in the form of a prototype, of which we have very little information today.

“The excitement is soaring towards the sky, as are the doors of our iconic cars, and we are ready to unveil the next generation prototype 3 days earlier than originally planned, on the very prestigious stage of Pebble Beach, ”said Troy Beetz, CMO of DMC.

Let's clear things up a bit. The next generation of DeLorean is coming into focus August 18, 2022. For more information read the press release here: #DeLorean #DeloreanEVolved #firstlook

- DeLorean Motor Company (@deloreanmotorco) April 4, 2022

It is not clear why DeLorean has decided to anticipate the presentation, but we welcome the news with pleasure and remain very intrigued by this new one 100% electric DeLorean of which today we do not even know the name; will be unveiled at the event on August 18th.

The press release released by DMC in the last few hours speaks of both a prototype and a concept, and the message is clear: if we ever arrive at a car ready for production, the final appearance can be slightly different than what will be shown at Pebble Beach. Despite this, the curiosity towards this project remains unchanged and is even further fueled by the few photos that the company has published on Twitter, where you can see the first details of the bodywork, in addition to the iconic gull-wing doors that were already were confirmed several weeks ago with one of the first teaser trailers released, essential to create hype around the project by playing with one of the stylistic details that most characterized the original DeLorean.