Tera: MMORPG servers will shut down after 11 years

Tera: MMORPG servers will shut down after 11 years


Ever since online gaming was cleared throughout the world, MMORPGs have started popping up like mushrooms. Among the giants of the genre we find titles that are still more alive than ever today. Just think of the legendary World of Warcfraft, for which Blizzard has recently announced a new expansion, but also the beloved Final Fantasy 14 continues to do incredible numbers. There is a title, however, that will soon go out and it is about Tera.

The announcement has arrived in recent days, leaving behind a thick halo of sadness in all those who have spent several hours of fun in the fantastic game world in question. The Gameforge publisher himself made official the closure of the MMORPG servers in an update post published recently, in which the closure of the servers is confirmed on June 30th.

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Despite this bad news, the Korean development team is organizing some permanent events that will remain active until the servers are shut down, which will take place on June 30th. In short, it is a real end of an era.

TERA MMO Is Shutting Down

The long-running MMO TERA that's been around for over 10 years now will soon be shut down, Gameforge announced this week. The last remaining publisher for the game said that its developer, Bluehole, has opted to end development on the game with Bluehole forced to follow suit by. An FAQ was provided this week alongside the announcement to guide players through the shutdown process with Gameforge and Bluehole also announcing a series of events that'll persist until the game comes to a close at the end of June.

TERA's end was announced on the game's socials with the Gameforge site now updated to include the aforementioned FAQ. People will be able to make accounts and purchase Tera Thalers up until May 31st, Gameforge said, at which point those features as well as TERA Club purchases will be deactivated. Come June 30th, the TERA servers will be taken offline.

'After careful deliberations, the developers of TERA (Bluehole) have unfortunately taken the difficult decision to end development of the game, as they feel that they are no longer able to provide the satisfying content that TERA players deserve,' Gameforge said in the FAQ to echo the sentiment shared in the tweet below. 'Instead they would like to focus their internal development efforts on other projects.'

The rest of the FAQ dealt with the usual questions that come about whenever online games like this one are shut down. Refunds for purchases made won't be offered if you bought in-game currency, but if you're a TERA Club member who has a membership extending beyond June 30th, you can contact support for a partial refund. Given that the game's being shut down globally, there's naturally no way to migrate your account anywhere else, so short of some intrepid TERA players looking to set up a fan-made version that'll inevitably get taken down, these next few months will be the last ones spent playing TERA.

A silver lining to this is that the remaining months of TERA will be filled with different incentives to make playing more worthwhile even if the end is still coming in June. The chance of finding loot in dungeons has been tripled, for example, with other changes found here.