Star Trek: New Video Game Coming! Here are the first images

Star Trek: New Video Game Coming! Here are the first images

Star Trek

Sooner or later anyone who loves the science fiction / space genre finds himself having a close encounter of the third kind with the historic Star Trek saga. The series born in the mid-60s is still today a real institution for fans of the genre, and over the decades the boundless universe of the franchise has expanded not only through the serial television format, but also in other media such as for example cinema, comics and video games.

Now, according to a series of images leaked on the net, it seems that a new game of the saga has been unveiled in advance, which is harks back to the latest Star Trek Prodigy animated series. The first season of the series was aired last September and takes us back to the era of The Next Generation, one of the epochs of the franchise most appreciated by the large group of fans of the legendary series.

(Leaked) Star Trek : Prodigy - Supernova has leaked thanks to Star Trek fan site revealed a banner at the ongoing Star Trek convention in Chicago

More Details coming in May

Coming to Xbox, PS4, Switch and PC


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Currently, apart from this first information that can be found on the various banners, nothing else is known about this next related project to the Star Trek brand. As is also pointed out in one of these images, however, in the month of May we will have more information about it.

New Star Trek Game Confirmed After Leak, Coming To PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, And PC

Following a leak, a new Star Trek video game has now been officially confirmed. Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova, based on the animated TV series Star Trek: Prodigy, is on the way for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Like the TV series, it follows the story of six alien teenagers living on an abandoned Federation starship. 'This game also marks the first ever Star Trek video game aimed at younger players, bringing gaming to a new generation of Trekkies,' reads a line from the announcement.

Outright Games, a company with lots of experiences with licensed games, is working on Supernova. Outright has developed games in the My Little Pony, Fast & Furious, and Hotel Transylvania franchises, among others. Tessera Games, a newly formed studio, is also listed as a developer.

More details on the upcoming game will be shared over the coming months.

Supernova joins the recently announced Star Trek: Resurgence. This is a third-person adventure game that tells an original story that takes place after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This game is coming from a studio made up of former Telltale developers.

In other Star Trek news, Paramount has announced that Star Trek: Picard Season 3 will reunite the cast of The Next Generation.