Mercedes Vision EQXX: so the electric has covered 1,000 km on a full tank

Mercedes Vision EQXX: so the electric has covered 1,000 km on a full tank

Mercedes Vision EQXX

When Mercedes-Benz unveiled the EQXX concept car, the industry was intrigued by the company's high claims: 1,000km on a full tank of electricity. Such as? Simple, lightweight chassis, highly aerodynamic bodyshell, advanced electronics and a large capacity battery. In recent days, the German company has not only proved that the efficiency of the Vision EQXX is true, but has also exceeded its limits on a journey through Europe.

Following a set route, the car of luxury managed to reach its destination with a residual of 140 km. In total, the Vision EQXX recorded a range of 1,140 km: a truly astounding value. There is an important clarification: the test was carried out in regular traffic conditions and without stopping to recharge the battery.

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At present, the Mercedes electric range offers several models including the EQS 450+ which it allows a maximum autonomy of about 500 km; lower value than what Tesla offers. With this level of technology available, Mercedes will certainly be able to increase the range of its models in the near future. With the EQS SUV on the way, the brand's electric offerings will grow more and more. Some may not like the Vision EQXX's style, but if the German house manages to recreate this formula on a large scale, it's undeniable that Mercedes could quickly dominate the market.

Mercedes Proves Vision EQXX's Claim of 1000km Real-world Range With A Roadtrip Across Europe

Remember when Mercedes-Benz unleashed the Vision EQXX electric vehicle (EV) concept back in January, boasting a bonkers claim of 1000km of range on a single charge? Well, they’ve proved that claim after driving a prototype from Germany to southern France on a single charge! The concept vehicle managed the 1008km trip with an average consumption of 8.7kWh per 100km, significantly better than most production EVs. 

The trip started at the carmaker’s Sindelfingen research and development centre near Stuttgart, Germany. It took the Vision EQXX and its crew across country borders to Switzerland and Italy before reaching the end point at Cassis in France. 

Most of the trip involved highway driving – not ideal conditions for an EV since there’s little room to use regenerative braking to boost range. Nevertheless, the Vision EQXX managed to recuperate energy with every step on the brake pedal and every downhill descent, and arrived at its destination with 15 percent of battery capacity and 140km of range still available! 

Mercedes says that the EQXX stayed close to the speed limit (110-130kmph) throughout the trip to save energy. Even small increments in speed impact an electric car’s efficiency on the highway. On unrestricted stretches of the Autobahn, the EQXX maintained a steady 140kmph cruise.  

Extensive efforts have been made to improve the Vision EQXX’s efficiency. A solar panel on the roof provides power for the infotainment system and charges up the 12-volt battery to improve range by 2 percent, or around 25km. 

The EQXX is a marvel of aerodynamic efficiency, with a drag coefficient of 0.17. Its wheel rims, underbody and bodywork have been fine-tuned for better aero. An underbody cooling plate helps to air-cool the battery pack, and it increases the range by another 20km compared to a regular EV. It even has custom-made Bridgestone tyres that are optimised for a lower weight and rolling resistance. 

It’s powered by a 100kWh battery that’s 50 percent smaller than the one found in the EQS luxury sedan. It’s also 30 percent lighter and weighs only 495kg. It’s paired with a 245PS electric motor that’s so efficient that it transfers 95 percent of the battery’s charge to the wheels – a 44 percent improvement over regular e-motors and transmissions. 

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With the Vision EQXX, Mercedes demonstrates how small improvements in efficiency can add up to make EVs significantly better. Although southern Europe is hardly the most challenging place to test an EV, it’s a great first start for the EQXX concept. We hope to see its tech in future Merc EVs, but it might be a while before it trickles down to more affordable electric cars.

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