Kingdom Hearts 4: The trailer was in Unreal Engine 4, but the full game will be in UE5

Kingdom Hearts 4: The trailer was in Unreal Engine 4, but the full game will be in UE5

Kingdom Hearts 4

Square Enix has revealed that the gameplay trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4 presented yesterday was made with the help of the Unreal Engine 4, but that the full version of the game will use the Unreal Engine 5.

How also mentioned in our preview of Kingdom Hearts 4, therefore the presentation video of the new adventure of Sora was made with the old version of the graphic engine of Epic Games, leaving however good impressions.

Through the pages of Famitsu, Square Enix has confirmed again that the development of the game will switch to Unreal Engine 5, with the development team that is already testing it on the new graphics engine, and that consequently "the quality of lighting and details will be many levels higher "than what we saw yesterday.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development at the Osaka studios of Square Enix, the same ones who made the previous chapter, with Tetsuya Nomura once again directing the work. Among other things, the producer revealed that he was initially undecided whether to make a new adventure starring Sora or a project linked to the world of Verum Rex and the character of Yozora.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer Reveals Next Entry in Disney-Inspired Series, Grownup Sora

Sora in Kingdom Hearts 4

Sora is looking older in Kingdom Hearts 4.

Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development, Square Enix revealed Sunday during a 20th anniversary livestream for the beloved Disney-themed video game series. The trailer (4:06 to 7:40) shows that iconic trio Sora, Donald and Goofy will be back in action.

It'll kick off a new storyline called the Lost Master Arc, in which Sora explores a Tokyo-like city called the Quadratum. We're also introduced to new character Strelitzia, who explains the Quadratum to Sora before he rushes off to battle.

No release date or platforms were revealed, but Kingdom Hearts 3 came out six years after its 2013 announcement and is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch (though the latter is only available via cloud streaming). The new game will likely come to PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Also revealed was mobile spinoff game Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, which will be available for iOS and Android devices. It'll get a closed beta test this year, but only in certain regions. Square Enix didn't say which ones.

'We're thrilled to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary with the announcement of two new Kingdom Hearts titles,' series brand manager Ichiro Hazama said in a release. 'We'd like to thank the fans for all of their support over the years, and we can't wait for them to experience all that's to come for Sora.'

The company also revealed a bunch of 20th anniversary merchandise, including action figures, plushes, keychains and various apparel.

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