Instant Gaming: Win a Free Game with April Giveaway!

Instant Gaming: Win a Free Game with April Giveaway!

Instant Gaming

April sweet sleep, but also play: thanks to Instant Gaming it is in fact possible to try to win a game of your choice in this fourth month of 2022. But how to do it? Obviously thanks to the very rich giveaway of the well-known store. All absolutely free.

If you don't know how it works, no problem: everything is very simple and very few steps are required to participate. To get started, just follow the link below to reach the page dedicated to the Instant Gaming giveway. Once inside, you will find a search bar with the words "Choose your game": from this screen you can select a video game you like and select it to try your luck. The last thing you have to do is confirm everything by pressing the appropriate button and then log in.

Finally, know that it is also possible to perform a series of actions to increase your chances of winning. Do not do anything difficult, since it will be enough to use a series of buttons already prepared for you to follow the Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and Twitch pages of InstantGaming and InstantGaming IT. In addition, you can also share the giveaway on Twitter and Facebook: also in this case you will find a dedicated button within the Instant Gaming page to make your job easier.

From today, April 9, 2022, you have just over 21 more days to participate in the giveaway and thus try your luck. If you feel particularly indebted to luck, our advice is to participate immediately, so as to forget about it later. Before leaving you at the giveaway, we remind you, finally, that only adults can participate.

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Evoplay offers retro instant gaming experience with Lucky Card

Game development studio Evoplay has announced the release of Lucky Card, an exciting scratch card game that keeps players engaged with an array of freshly squeezed drinks. 

Players are welcomed into a juice bar named Lucky Card; they are then offered the chance to enrich themselves with a range of juices that are filled with vitamins and innovative rewards.  

The delicious fruits provide not only a healthy drink but offer players the chance to win big since each fruit has its own value represented in the form of a generous multiplier. Thanks to these multipliers, lucky players could benefit from a maximum multiplier worth a delightful x77. 

Only three identical symbols are required to win, giving players a favourable chance to reap big rewards. The more expensive the fruit is, the larger the sum awarded is – there are nine cards to choose from, therefore players must choose wisely if they wish to win big.

Commenting on the launch, Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay, said:“We’re delighted to enhance our portfolio with Lucky Card, a scratch card game which boosts our offering in the extremely popular instant games vertical. 

“The new release encompasses a charming blend of audio-visuals, one that will find no difficulty in maximising the retention and engagement of players.”

Lucky Card is powered by Evoplay’s world-class game engine, Spinential, which produces 10x faster load-times, an enhanced UI, autospin feature and game history mobile bar, allowing players to track their success.