Hundreds of Quadro RTX A4000 sold for mining in Vietnam

Hundreds of Quadro RTX A4000 sold for mining in Vietnam

While the general interest in mining has dropped compared to the all-time highs of a few months ago, this is a phenomenon that is certainly not destined to disappear completely and those who have based their business on this type of activity are continually looking for new hardware to use for this purpose.

In fact, despite the transition to the Proof Of Stake model, abandoning the previous Proof Of Work, Ethereum is getting closer and closer, other cryptocurrencies continue to rely on "brute power" for the validation of transactions, such as Raven or CHR.

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Compared to cards designed for gamers, the RTX A4000 features a single fan blower heatsink and lower frequencies. , in order to guarantee absolute reliability over time. Furthermore, the energy consumption is also relatively low, as a single RTX A4000 is able to supply 60-63MH / s with a consumption of about 120-125 W, while the temperature is expected to be around 60 ° C.

Quadro RTX A4000 mining rigs

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As happened in other similar cases, we do not know if these hundreds of cards (most of them manufactured by Gigabyte) were obtained legally or if the shop took advantage of any “stolen” lots.