Hummer EV flies in the documentary 'Revolution'

Hummer EV flies in the documentary 'Revolution'

The General Motor s Hummer EV electric pick-up is undoubtedly one of the most sensational and exaggerated 100% electric projects, among those that have a real possibility of arriving on the market: GMC Hummer EV is ready, and the images of the documentary that GMC has made to show the world the incredible capabilities of this electric giant weighing more than 4000 kg.

It's called 'Revolution', a title of which we have no difficulty in understanding the meaning: the Hummer project Electric marks an incredible turning point for GMC, which plans to deliver at least 400,000 electric vehicles across North America by the end of 2023, and will do so thanks to the contribution of the new Hummer EV, for which there is no shortage of pre-orders. . GMC has announced that it has received over 65,000 bookings, with a conversion rate between booking and purchase of 95%, much higher than initially expected by the company.

“The pick-up did great, we wanted to jump, we wanted to get off the ground, and now that we've done it we've also collected some very interesting data. Nothing broke, there are no liquid leaks. As far as I know, all the parts are still in place. " He told the tester that he took care of "flying" with the new Hummer EV.

Certainly could not miss the Crab Mode, the mode we have already told you about in the past that allows the new Hummer EV to move even on stony ground that is not normally accessible on rubber; this time the pick-up did not come out unscathed, the rock-crawling session was so intense that one of the steering rods bent.

Below you can find the entire documentary, published on Youtube, and at the minute 34 you can admire the leap made by the new GMC Hummer EV.