Horizon Zero Dawn at 50% discount on Steam and Epic Games Store, Guerrilla remembers the promo

Horizon Zero Dawn at 50% discount on Steam and Epic Games Store, Guerrilla remembers the promo

Horizon Zero Dawn at 50% discount on Steam and Epic Games Store

Horizon Zero Dawn is currently the protagonist of a new promotion that concerns a nice 50% discount on the original price in the PC version, on Steam and Epic Games Store, as suggested by the same Guerrilla Games.

If you have not yet had way to try Horizon Zero Dawn previously, this can therefore be an excellent opportunity, with the game that currently has the price reduced to 24.99 euros, or half of the usual 49.99 euros. On the Epic Games Store currently the price is still the standard one, but Guerrilla Games claims that the discount should go on until April 17, 2022, maybe it will be activated later.

We remind you that Horizon Zero Dawn in the PC version is the Complete Edition, that is the one that also includes The Frozen Wilds expansion and other additions, as well as several technical reworkings to support various technologies added on PC.

The game is part of the discounts dedicated to PlayStation games on Steam, which lower the prices of several Sony titles by up to 75% these days. As Guerrilla argues, it can be an opportunity to experience "where it all began", which is the start of Aloy's adventures then continue in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Horizon Zero Dawn at 50% discount on Steam and Epic Games Store

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Horizon Zero Dawn at 50% discount on Steam and Epic Games Store

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